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What causes hysterical laughter for no reason? Laughter for no reason in psychology


What is the explanation for hysterical laughter for no reason? People look for reasons to train themselves to stop laughing in situations where laughter is not allowed according to rituals and traditions, even at funerals.

What is the explanation for hysterical laughter for no reason?

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Hysterical laughter or false bulbar affect is a neurological condition that causes people to control and break into sudden, uncontrollable or abnormal laughter or crying. If he is in public it is associated with neurological disorders such as:

  • Alzheimer's disease and dementia.
  • brain attack
  • Brain injuries.
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
  • Neurosyphilis.
  • Wilson's disease.
  • Brain tumors.
  • fits.

Laughter for no reason in psychology

Although spontaneous and natural laughter is a sign of psychological health and happiness, the amount and timing can be a symptom of psychological conditions such as mood disorders, anxiety, and social interaction disorders. Laughter for no reason is not necessarily psychological or physical. Below are the factors that can cause sick, hysterical laughter:

1- Psychological resistance

Sometimes laughing for no reason is a tactic of psychological resistance to difficult and dangerous situations that a person encounters, such as revealing a dangerous secret or getting out of a negative and embarrassing encounter to relieve tension and anxiety. It is considered as an expression of feelings of tension and irritation experienced by a person.

2- Social contagion

If a person is in the middle and everyone is laughing hysterically, he may be forced to laugh involuntarily for no reason in order to socialize with others.

3- Chemical effects

If a person is exposed to drugs, it affects the hormones in the body and laughs hysterically because of the side effects of the drug or chemical he is taking, laughing for no reason.

4- Conditioned psychological response

A person is forced to laugh hysterically in a conditioned response to a certain environment, such as laughing when listening to music or laughing in certain situations unique to the person laughing.

Hysterical laughter is a nervous disease that men associate with women as defective in everything. Hysteria means uterus in ancient Greek. Because men think that mental and nervous diseases affect women and not men.

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