August 14, 2022

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مارك مينشاكا أحدث المنضمين إلى مسلسل The Big Cigar الجديد

Marc Menchaca joins the new series The Big Cigar

Actor Mark Mensaka has joined the cast of the series Big cigarWork produced by the network Apple TV Also, the new series stars Andre Holland, Don Cheadle, Alessandro Nivola and Tiffany Boone as Black Panther leader Huey B. Acted in a series about Newton’s life.

Until the new series Big cigar About the unusual, funny and almost unbelievable story of how Newton convinced his best friend, Hollywood producer Bert Schneider, to be behind the movie. Easy traveller Dodger flees to Cuba, embarking on a nationwide manhunt during an FBI extradition manhunt.

Apple Network also released the second season of the series Physical, and the first season of the series Physical was a huge success, according to a report published in “TVSeriesFinal”, the drama series Physical will have 10 episodes, initially 3 serialized. episodes, then one episode weekly. The episode lasted about half an hour.

The events of the series revolve BodyIn sunny 80s San Diego, it follows Sheila Robin (Byrne), a seemingly obedient housewife.

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