February 7, 2023

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What is the truth behind the fact that artist George Wassof suffered a stroke?

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The best artist, George Wassouf, recently appeared among his fans in a wheelchair on the beach, raising the concern of his fans and fans, which raised the question of whether George Wassouf was paralyzed, and in the last few hours, he has been at the top of the search indicators on Google because he is wheelchair accessible. His fans searched for his health.

After the release of the first video of him in a wheelchair, astonished viewers were alarmed that George Wassouf was paralyzed, and he released another video clip through his account on the social networking site “Facebook”. He appeared while walking in good health, but he held out his hand, according to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Wadan.

Wassouf commented on the video: “Another video of a tour of loved ones in Punta Ghana. You are the heart and soul of George Wassouf.”

George Wassouf recently released a video clip for the song “Yah a Al Zaman” in Egyptian dialect, written by Ahmed al-Malki, composed by Mustafa Shukri, distributed by Ahmed Omi and directed by Fadi Hadat. It was filmed in Lebanon.Lifestyles Studios on YouTube.

Singer George Wassof is preparing to perform a concert on May 13 at a hotel in Taba, Egypt, during which he plans to present some of his most popular songs.


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