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Marion Bardoli describes her hectic daily life in Dubai between her work and her daughter


Marion Bartoli may have left the tennis courts seven years ago, not even a minute before the champion, J.D.T., This Sunday July 4.

Training, competition, interviews: always first, Marion Bartoli “I don’t know” On Sundays. This is especially true Former player The professional tennis player left the courts in 2013 after winning Wimbledon. Eight years later, the champion’s daily life Will always be loaded, Published by his portrait Sunday newspaper (JDT), This July 4. In Dubai, she settled to live “A place in the sun, near the sea” Where is she? “Be Safe Alone”, Marion Bardoli Multiply projects and collaborations.

Thai and Entrepreneurs

So even if she believes To “The intention to be on permanent leave” In this sunny city, Companion of footballer Yahya Pammedin Really separates between his days In Little Camellia, The couple’s first child, born last December, and his busy work. “For me, there are fewer days than others”, She agrees. When she is not nursing, the champion is remarkable Consultant for Amazon Prime Video, And wanders from match to match to interview players. Back in Dubai, the former player, a graduate of Central St. Martin’s, he studied at the London School of Design and Fashion, Game Designing clothes For the Fila brand, with its team of young designers. “I draw from home or with them, in my company’s offices. We choose clothes, we adjust, we tailor together”, She explains.

From offices to shopping centers

In parallel, It is full of ideas for action, Especially in the world of his favorite game. She believes in what she particularly wants Create a tennis academy in Dubai, But don’t forget France for all that. Marion Bartoli dreams of organizing a women’s tennis tournament in Paris “Update” Training in France. Another project, he wants to create his own dishes. When he finally takes off his entrepreneurial attire, the former player can Relax with your daughter in front of the Burj Khalifa Fountain show Or indulge yourself by browsing the majestic shopping malls of Dubai.

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