June 3, 2023

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Victoria Mehold: Are you going to Dubai with Maison? We know more

Victoria and Maison recently traveled to Dubai. The two young women may have decided to go there.

The two candidates have been inseparable since meeting in the Marseilles set in the Caribbean. On the professional side, Victoria and Maison have taken different paths. In fact, the young woman with the highest IQ left W9 production and joined Angels. Victoria, for her part, has been loyal to her family in Marcellus. Nevertheless, Baga’s ex only appeared a few times in the last episodes of the project. Some internet users have qualified this as a green plant. Mysen and Victoria soon want to take part in a new reality TV show. A few days ago, the two friends went on a trip to Dubai. Internet users hope that Victoria and Mycenae will leave France soon.

Victoria and Mysen: They don’t like Dubai

Returning from his journey, l’ex d’Illan Said: “Dubai, I will be completely open with you. We did the activities so well that I saw things I had never seen in my life. Dubai, on the other hand, is not the country I planned to live in. In the meantime, I don’t like the vibes of the country. We must not forget that in France we have many rights, we do not need benefits, especially not even as a woman. Ethically speaking, it’s not like me. I can not hide from you, because in real life, if we go with Maison, it’s just to see what it is. Tax havens are always attractive, we tax the goods we earn the least (…) We are French, so it is our duty to keep the French economy afloat. It is not normal if you are deported abroad. “. So Victoria and Maison are not going to live in Dubai. Unlike many influencers, the Marseilles want to remain loyal to France.

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