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Mars Global Surveyor: A New Look at Mars Exploration


27 years ago, NASA began its mission to explore Mars with the Mars Global Surveyor rover. It will be the first NASA mission to Mars in nearly 20 years. The Mars Global Surveyor has made several important contributions to our understanding of the Red Planet.

The Mars Global Surveyor is an orbiting spacecraft that sent data back to Earth from NASA’s other Mars rovers, including Sojourner, Spirit, and Opportunity. But its mission was not limited to that, as the rover carried out various scientific studies on Mars, including the discovery of surface channels suspected to have been formed by water in the past.

As part of other studies by the Mars Global Surveyor, signs of climate change have been found at the south pole of Mars. The rover also discovered the presence of a mineral called hematite on the Martian surface, which normally forms under conditions that require the presence of water. Based on this discovery, NASA later sent the Spirit and Opportunity rovers to check for hematite, and the mineral was found near their landing sites.

Unfortunately, the Mars Global Surveyor rover didn’t last as long as hoped, as its solar battery failed in a space accident, causing it to lose power and disappear for good in November 2006.

We can conclude from the Mars Global Surveyor mission that the continued exploration of Mars presents new and exciting challenges to scientists and engineers, and advances in technology will continue to help them understand this mysterious world more deeply.

Common questions

1. Did the Mars Global Surveyor Vehicle fully achieve its goals?

Unfortunately, the Mars Global Surveyor rover was unable to complete its entire mission as its solar battery failed.

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2. Is the discovery of hematite on Mars considered an important discovery?

Yes, the discovery of hematite on Mars is considered an important discovery because it indicates signs of previous water on the planet’s surface.

3. Will space exploration of Mars continue in the future?

Yes, space exploration of Mars is expected to continue in the future as scientists and engineers continue to try to understand the secrets of this neighboring planet.

4. Could technology evolve to make space exploration of Mars more effective?

Yes, technology is expected to evolve to make space exploration of Mars more efficient in the future, which will enable new discoveries and deeper insights into the planet.

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