June 7, 2023

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Mass wedding of 500 couples separated by pandemic

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In a rare event in the world, trying to escape the depression of the health crisis, around 500 couples celebrated a symbolic joint wedding yesterday under a clear New York sky in a joyful atmosphere. Women wearing garlands on their heads, dressed in white, wedding dresses or unusual clothes, etc., who have already had their wedding and decided to celebrate again, went in a huge procession.

The husbands were affected, some of them unable to restrain themselves from weeping with joy under the weight of the moment.

“We were scheduled to celebrate our engagement on March 24, 2020 in Hawaii, but everything was canceled due to the pandemic,” said Erika Hackman, who wore a wedding dress and attended the celebration in Tamrush with her husband Richard. Park at the base of the tallest buildings in Manhattan.

Richard, 37, said: “It’s a very small wedding, so it’s really important today that we can come and celebrate with others who have had the same experience.” Lincoln Center, the New York cultural organization that organized the event, offered the mass wedding as “compensation” for spouses who were separated or had their marriages disrupted by “Covid-19”.


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