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“Marwat Sharjah Heritage” celebrates the Emirati heritage of shipbuilding


Recently, Sharjah Institute for Heritage published the 44th issue of “Marawt” magazine, which contains rich and varied topics, culture and heritage. The new issue of the magazine is “Shipbuilding in the Emirati tradition… Inscribed in honor of traditions.”
The journal includes a variety of approaches that discuss important issues surrounding cultural heritage, some of which relate to artistic heritage, popular beliefs or Nabati poetry, and some studies and in-depth readings that explore the depth of Arabic heritage. For example, “Country Music and Globalization,” and “The Code of Life.” In the Ancient World”, “Fairy Tales from the Writings of Kuwaiti Historians”, “Designs, Decorations and Symbols in Sadu” and “Japanese Packaging Culture” .
said the doctor. Abdul Aziz Al Musallam, Chairman, Sharjah Institute for Heritage, Editor-in-Chief: “Traditional shipbuilding is one of the true maritime crafts for men in the Emirates’ heritage, etched in memory and reflecting a continuous multifarious maritime history. , and the Emirati’s relationship with the sea dates back centuries, and is manifested in the fact that they left him a rich and rich maritime heritage, which includes trading relationships in the ancient world, pearl diving expeditions, fishing, and other aspects that reflect the nature of that exceptional relationship.”
He added: “In this issue, by dedicating a file to shipbuilding in the Emirati tradition, it is a beautiful tour of the worlds of our ancient maritime heritage to get to know all its elements and the historical role this craft has played. And its role in economic and social life in the past, rich Through a selection of topics.”
said the doctor. Mona Bounaama, Director of Content and Publications, Managing Editor, Traditional crafts and their importance and role in the social and economic life of the ancient Emirates, especially the traditional craft of shipbuilding: “The son of the Emirates has proven his potential. Difficult climate, harshness of desert and scarcity of available resources to face more difficult situations and challenges; He conquered all; Instead, he weaves what is available from the elements of his environment into a resource for giving and for good, everything that facilitates his livelihood and continues the challenge, created from a scarcity of resources. , the tools of life and the necessaries of life.”
He added: “He adapted what was available to him from the resources of the environment, represented by palms, cattle, fish and pearls, and his creativity played a role in creating dialogue and adapting simple tools to create his life needs. , so he invested simple elements in handicrafts that responded to his needs. did, and dug aflaj and wells to supply his needs with water, and raised some crops which supplied a part of his food, and he was able to obtain his supplies. The sea fed him with edible fish, extracted pearls which he sold in the markets of the world, his trade, his foreign relations, His hands built ships, providing transportation on the seas, a boat that took him to the nations of the world to interact with different societies, influenced by cultures and civilizations. cells.
Rich articles and topics
The magazine included various articles and rich topics, in which a group of writers and researchers dealt with important issues, in accordance with the guidelines of the magazine in introducing the Arab tradition and interacting with the world and human heritage.
Therefore, the craft of shipbuilding and its associated tools and means such as anchors, nails, saws, hammers, chisels, ladles, chains, locks and others, is one of the ancient male maritime crafts known to Emiratis since ancient times. The reader will get to know about this in the magazine “Mawrat”.

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