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Mona Sakhi’s ‘Ramzan’ series sparks controversy over ‘Mukkadu’ film


“Under Guard” in the eyes of critics and viewers

Wednesday – 8 Sha’ban 1444 AH – 01 March 2023 CE Issue no [16164]

Cairo: Dalia Maher

The image of the promotional poster of the Ramadan series “Under Guardianship” starring Egyptian actress Mona Sagi sparked widespread controversy as it once again highlighted the form and features of the veiled woman in the drama. “Jaki’s features are completely different from reality, which is a deliberate distortion of the image of Egyptian women in general. The veiled woman in particular.” Others supported Jackie, saying that “art shines a light on society in many forms,” ​​and that “judging an entire body of work from a promotional image for that work is ludicrous and out of touch with reality.”
Followers compared Jackie’s image to that of retired Egyptian actress Hanan Turk in “The Interest” and asked her to emulate Jackie if she decides to play a hidden role again. Regarding this, critic Karim Al-Masri says: “Turq’s image was that of a good woman, which appeared clearly in the background of events, while the jockey series was still unclear, and it is not correct to judge it from a propaganda film.” He added to Asharq Al-Awsat, “Job’s story is completely different from what people have been spreading based on distortion and abuse.”

Series poster under protection

Egyptian writer Shamek Al-Shandawili criticized Zaki’s image on his personal page “Facebook” and wrote: “The difference between the image of Hanan Turk and Mona Zaki is the love or hate of the veil.” Some of the arts and the media community in Egypt, including broadcaster Amr Ateeb, defended him through the program “Al-Heqayya”. He said, “I respect every veiled woman or girl because the veil has been imposed.” He asked, “Isn’t the veiled woman evil? “We have all forms in society, and the role of art is to present them,” he added.
Artist Nashwa Mustafa said, “Jackie is an important and great Egyptian actress who will do an amazing job.” Artist Khaled Sarhan wrote: “Mona Zacki is a great star and an artist with her in our hearts. Talent and creativity.” Screenwriter Tamer Habib commented, “It includes a team of artists led by talented professional Mona Zaki, so it will bring happiness and joy to the common people.” Amr Mahmood Yasin wrote: “Can a sane person explain to me why there are people criticizing the design of the poster of the series Mona Jagi?”
The events of the series revolve around the character “Hanan” in 15 episodes, a woman in her mid-thirties whose husband dies and is responsible for her two children. “Hanan” works in search of guaranteed financial income for her and hers. A decent life with two children, she works in the fishing industry and clashes with some men who refuse to share her in this business, written by Shereen and Khaled Diab and directed by Muhammad Shakir Qutair. .
The critic, Magda Khairallah, considered the widespread controversy surrounding the series to have reached the point where he called for a halt to its filming last January, demanding a brief explanation in the Egyptian parliament, free publicity for the works seen by a large audience. Working in Ramadan, supporters or opponents, he added to Asharq Al-Awsat: “What is happening is absurd, unacceptable and unjust,” calling for patience, follow-up and later judgment.
Many veiled artists such as Hind Sabri, Hanan Durg, Sabreen, Dora and Nelly Karim have appeared in their artwork, but they have not come under similar attack. On this, Khairalla says: “Some of them have already been criticized, but the earlier attack on Jackie may be a trigger to criticize him again.”

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