August 16, 2022

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Mayer Peblavi suffers a heart attack

Mayer Peblavi suffers a heart attack

Release Date:
Jul 20 2022 15:04 GMT

Updated Date: Jul 20 2022 15:25 GMT

Today, Wednesday, retired Egyptian artist and journalist Mayer al-Beblawi announced that he had suffered a heart attack, revealing the symptoms he felt.

Al-Beblawy said, during a post he wrote on his personal account on Facebook, “Oh Lord, Aster.. I’m getting out of bed. I had a heart attack. My whole body fell and trembled.

She added: “My face is numb.. What should I do to talk to a doctor? And the problem is not so simple as to get tired.. We have seen important journeys today. Lord, strengthen me.”

And the Egyptian media sent a message to its followers: “Producers say why are you writing … I’m dying and I feel like swearing to God that someone will live. Who am I talking to.”

Recently, the Egyptian media managed to gain public sympathy through 3 different situations he exposed; The last situation that took her to the top of the internet search engines was her son’s sudden illness.

The story of the last situation began, after “al-Beblawi” asked her a request, she expressed her displeasure at what she considered someone to exploit her, the details of which have not been disclosed.

This came at a time when his son was exposed to a sudden health crisis that threatened to make him sit the last exam in the final year of his bachelor’s degree, assuming that “everyone is only interested in their own interests.”

The Egyptian artist wrote through his “Facebook” account: “A person lives alone on a planet, without anyone, not different from anyone, eat my soul, if he wants, he makes himself a fan. Many people come to her, and I am amazed by her words, as if, by God, she deserves to bring something to me.

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Second place Last Ramadan, she was a guest in Lebanese media, Rakita Shalhoub, broke down crying during the presentation of the episode “Al-Beblawi” in one of the programs shown that month. She showed her a bold scene of one of her artworks that she was upset about representing.

Mayer al-Beblawi expressed his regret and remorse for representing the scene, noting that he had told Google to remove the scene from the platform, but with no response, he indicated that he wanted the video removed at any cost. Her age or everything she owns.

The third situation was in March 2018, when her mother surprised her on Mother’s Day, live, she was presenting a TV show, and she joined him in the studio.

At that time, “Al-Beblawi” bowed in the air and kissed the feet of his mother, who was very attached to him, and showed this on several occasions to gain public approval and sympathy for this behavior.