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Mbappe feels betrayed by Paris Saint-Germain

Release Date:
Sep 02 2021 6:38 GMT

Update Date: September 02, 2021 8:40 GMT

The Spanish newspaper “Marca” published its front page headline today, Thursday, about Paris Saint-Germain star French star Kylian Mbabane, where she wrote: “Klein Mbabe feels.

Source: Erm News – Nourine Mifrani

The Spanish newspaper “Marca” published its front page headline today, Thursday, with a story about Paris Saint-Germain star and French star Kylian Mbabane, who wrote: “Klein Mbabane feels deceived by Paris Saint-Germain.”

The transfer of the French star to Real Madrid failed, with the French team sticking to its terms and demands for large sums, despite media reports that the Spanish team had offered 200 200 million at the last minute.


According to Marga, Paris Saint-Germain, represented by its leader, Nasser al-Khalifi, does not have the authority to decide the future of the star Giulian Mbabane, but this decision rests with the main owner, the Emirate of Qatar, a team that has rejected all offers from Real Madrid.

Brazilian Leonardo, the sports director of Paris Saint-Germain, said his team felt that Real Madrid’s offers were not enough and that Kylian Mbabane had promised they would not leave for free, which raises more than one question about his future as his contract expires. Summer 2022 and he can leave for free.

Media reports Nasser al-Khalifi, the head of Paris Saint-Germain, spoke about the star’s promise to Kylian Mbabane to leave him for Real Madrid. Happened, but the president did not keep his promise, and the star felt that he had been betrayed by the president and the administration.

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Also “Marga” newspaper Real Madrid may still add Kylian Mbeki, but for free, he will enter the free period of his contract next January, but in the face of the great pressures imposed on him the player’s determination is needed and his surroundings to renew his contract by the management of Paris Saint-Germain.

According to the newspaper, Kylian Mbappe will only have 4 months to live at the start of next year, when he fulfills his dream of signing deals with Real Madrid and advancing a big team that he dreamed of going to for his teams.