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MBC live action .. Walid Mubashar in action with HD Walid Mubashar in action with HD Al-Dawri


Action Yaduri Live Action Walid Mubashar Action Walid Action Walid Live Broadcast with Wal-Mubashar MBC Live Action Walid Al-Faraj Show, TV Show Round Balls and Rounds on MBC Sports Walid al-Faraj is known as one of the most famous sports experts when analyzing, commenting and discussing sporting events in local and international green arenas, all fans Sports Football in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Outside they follow his shows, he is currently participating in a new sports show, and many wonder when he will be new. The Walid al-Faraj project will be delivered in 2021.

Walid al-Faraj’s new project

Date of presentation of the new Walid Al-Faraj Plan 2021

Guests of the Walid Al-Faraj Project

Walid al-Faraj’s new project

Walid al-Faraj is a Saudi broadcaster born on October 15, 1969, and is a well-known Saudi journalist and writer who specializes in local and international sports affairs. Broadcast by MBC Action and MBC Action. Walid al-Faraj began his career in sports media in 1985 AD, where he worked as a reporter, editor, sports commentator, analyst and television presenter, and held several professions and positions.

Date of presentation of the new Walid Al-Faraj Plan 2021

The new Walid al-Faraj project is one of the most popular sporting events known among sports football fans from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf on August 9, 2021, when the new football season 2021 begins in the Saudi League. The matches of the Saudi League 2022 or Kings Cup, and this project discusses transfers from Saudi Arabia.

Guests of the Walid Al-Faraj Project

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The Walid al-Faraj action show with Walid airs on MBC Action, and many guests interested in the world of football come to comment and analyze sporting events in local and international green arenas centered on the Saudi League and trophy. Among the guests of the show:

Mohammed Fouda

Adel al-Twaijri

Omari was fined

Jamal Araf

Adel al-Mulhim

Hamad al-Balawi

Just win.

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