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A NASA scientist has revealed that Mars was like Earth with lakes and oceans before it fell into hell.


NASA has released a video explaining why ancient Mars resembles Earth.

Dr. Becky McCauley Wrench of the U.S. Space Agency explains why he thinks Mars was “hot and humid.”

In this fake photo, NASA assumes that Mars was as watery as EarthCredit: NASA


We now know Mars as a dry, arid planetCredit: Getty

NASA scientist Start the video Note: “When the solar system first formed four billion years ago, Mars and Earth formed from the same substance, so they were very similar.

“Today, when we look at Mars, we see a planet that is drier than Earth, you know, our blue marble, the sources of lakes and streams in the past.

“It could even be a shallow North Sea.

“However, they are different. Today we have two different planets.

NASA videos contain the best pictures of what water would have been like on Mars and compare that idea to the dry planet we know today.

The similarities between the two planets are important to scientists because they help to find signs of ancient life on Mars.

Dr. McCauley Wrench continued: “As the Earth progresses, plate tectonics and life evolve.

“The geological activity of Mars has decreased, it has lost that water and it has become a very dry planet.

“The study of Mars is an fascinating area, and it helps us to understand more about the past and future of Mars, as well as the evolution of Earth and the planets in our solar system and beyond.

So, NASA decided that Mars is like Earth, but it could have been billions of years ago.

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There is still some water on Mars, but today it is in the form of ice.

It seemed to me that there was too much water under the surface, and scientists are constantly investigating this.

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