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Mediterranean Games Oron 2022 Unprecedented competitions and unexpected results


The following article shows the news details of our most important and latest audience: Oran 2022 Games: Unprecedented matches, unexpected results

Omar Choueil – Jeddah Mediterranean Games Oran 2022 Unprecedented Competitions and Unexpected Results – Takafini

Mediterranean Games 2022 It took place this year in the territory of the Republic of Algeria, the 19th session and especially in Oran, which stunned the world with its exemplary organization from its inception and will continue until July 6, 2022. The main venue of the competition is the venue in the state of Oran, which is owned by the Olympic complex located in the municipality of Abdelkader Fariha New Olympic, Bir al-Jir, and the closing ceremony was the ceremony in which the opening ceremony was held at the same venue, as well as several competitive games being played in various states of Algeria, including the city of Chicago and the city of Mostagenem Including, the opening ceremony of the Mediterranean Games Oran 2022 President Tabuk said. Time is the second you run Algeria Games were held on its soil, where it was first held in 1975 AD History of Mediterranean Games.

Countries participating in the 2022 Mediterranean Games
Countries participating in the 2022 Mediterranean Games

List of countries participating in the 2022 Mediterranean Games

In addition to the above, the number of participating countries Mediterranean Games 26 countries, including 6 Arab countries Algeria It hosts sporting events in Egypt, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Andorra, Albania, France, Italy, Kosovo, Cyprus, Morocco, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Spain and Syria. , Tunisia, Turkey, Slovenia San Marino, Monaco, Tunisia, Portugal.

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Mediterranean Games Oran 2022 Plan Today, Friday, July 1, Oran 2022

He will also testify Today is Friday As of July 1, 2022, several matches will be played throughout the day according to the following schedule:

Volleyball at 10.30am Women’s Tournament at Fifth and Eighth Classification Phase, A Meeting between Egypt and Tunisia
Boxing at 8.30pm Also in the men’s 91kg final, Youssef Hafeez defeated Vincenzo Fiacetti of Italy.
6pm Weightlifting Men’s 61kg competition, snatch
7pm at the end of the weightlifting competition And competition for men 61 kg, KnightR

Harvest medals of the Egyptian delegates participating in the 2022 Mediterranean Games

In conclusion, it should be mentioned Egypt It occupied a competitive position where the Egyptian athletes won 27 different medals in different sports, listed in the following order:

  • First, the Egyptian warrior Good luck Won gold in the 100-meter dash.
  • Next is the Egyptian player Mohammad Abdel Mawkot He won gold in the 74kg category Wrestling.
  • Also, the Egyptian player Amr Reta Won gold in the 74kg category Wrestling.
  • He also won a gold medal Women’s team In a game Table tennis.
  • Even the Egyptian warrior Ferial Ashraf Won gold in the 68kg weight class Karate.
  • Egypt’s Youssef Badawi also won the gold medal with a weight of 84 kg. Karate.
Mediterranean Games 2022 Levels
Mediterranean Games 2022 Levels

Harvest Silver Medals, Mahran Mediterranean 2022

  • And the Egyptian warrior Age Age Harvest Friday About men singles Table tennis.
  • Even the Egyptian warrior Yahya Hafez Harvest Friday We weigh 65 kg Freestyle wrestling.
  • The Egyptian player also won Abdul Latif Maneya Friday About 130 kg Roman wrestling.
  • And the Egyptian warrior Yusuf’s dreams Harvested Friday Weighing less than 55 kg Karate game.
  • Even the Egyptian warrior Abdullah Mamtooh Friday Harvest Weight 75 kg Karate.
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2022 Mediterranean Madonna Bronze Medal List

  • First player Muhammad Majdi Harvest Bronze medal Shot bottle Athletes.
  • The Egyptian player also won Mr. Umar Bronze medal, 69 kg Boxing.
  • The player also won Yumna Ayyat Bronze medal 54 kg Boxing.
  • The Egyptian player also won Azmi Muhaliba Bronze Skate shooting
  • The player also won Yusri Sami The bronze weighs 60 kg Judo.
  • The Egyptian player also won Samar Hamza Bronze for 76 kg Freestyle wrestling.
  • Further Shaima Mohammed He won a bronze medal in the 53 kg weight category Freestyle wrestling.
  • The player also won Ali Zahran Bronze Throat device Gymnastics
  • And the Egyptian warrior Sacrifice the harm Bronze Flying feather.
  • More player Reem Ahmed 50 kg of silver Karate.
  • Also, Egypt player Yusuf Hamida The bronze weighs 125 kg Freestyle wrestling.
  • And player Haitham Fahmi The bronze weighs 60 kg Roman wrestling.
  • Further Abdul Rahman Omar The bronze weighs 67 kg Roman wrestling.
  • And player Noordeen Hassan The bronze weighs 87 kg Roman wrestling.
  • Ahmed Ayman won bronze in the 67 kg weight category Karate.
  • In the end player Amr Ala won Bronze medal Weight less than 60 kg Karate.

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