June 3, 2023

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"Body language and psychology" experts resolve the controversy over the origin of Maher's last hope

“Body language and psychology” experts resolve the controversy over the origin of Maher’s last hope

The artist, Amal Maher, blew a surprise at his recent appearance and revealed that he will soon return to his art activity, for the first time in a long time, to reassure the public and to wish them a happy June anniversary. 30 Revolution.

The artist confirmed that he was infected with the corona virus, which he did not communicate with the public, and stressed that he was preparing to make a strong comeback soon with new art projects.

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Amal Maher’s appearance caused a great deal of controversy on the Egyptian art street, and due to conflicting opinions between the public and psychologists and body language experts about the circumstances and circumstances of this appearance, he came to reassure everyone and deny the rumor that he had disappeared. .

Psychiatric Consultant Dr. Rasha al-Jundi responded to the suspects with a statement from the Al-Nahar newspaper, saying that with a scientific opinion, it cannot be explained by video that a person is suffering from psychological distress. No more than two minutes, so it is important to sit down with him and ask him if he really has a problem.

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Renowned body language expert Rakta al-Sayeed confirmed that Amal Maher’s body movements were normal and nothing unusual, but there was a reassurance that he was not in good health because the rumor that had spread was still ingrained in his mind. … It is normal for her to appear this way even after she is unwell and has a corona infection.

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