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Meet the most important French miniature artist of the 15th century

Meet the most important French miniature artist of the 15th century

Sharjah: Uthman Hassan

Jean Cloete (14801541) was a French painter of the European Renaissance.

He was the most important of Francis I’s principal painters from 1516 onwards, and accordingly enjoyed great social patronage, with salaries, honors and work with prominent figures at the French court of the period, which was often granted. Most important poets and scholars of that time.

In the early 1520s, he lived in Tours and in 1529 in Paris. Early in his career, he painted a series of paintings of himself and religious subjects, including “St. Jerome” in 1522 and “The Four Evangelists.”

Between 1514 and 1540, there were approximately 130 ready-made drawings and a group of “manimals” and oil paintings attributed to Solly, and according to records, he is considered the first French miniature painter. Period.

One of his famous drawings in “miniature” art is “Charlotte”, which includes the figure of the French princess Charlotte, daughter of King Francis I of France, and appears in her rich clothes and bejeweled hat, which represents her. High Level Eight. She also had a rosary in her hand, signifying that she belonged to the Catholic religion. The occasion for the film is that European royals often drew portraits of their children, recording moment-by-moment stages of their upbringing, and they exchanged these portraits with other royal houses as a diplomatic gesture.

In 1530, when Finney was 36 years old, Jean Claude painted portraits of the mathematician Orons Finney, the reign of Francis I.