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Mental health of children is paramount | Gulf Newspaper


Hanadi Saleh al-Yafi
Some believe that talking about a child’s safety is not only about protecting his or her body and the dangers of heights, sharp machines, electrical sockets, and other hazards, but also emphasizes the importance of what we should avoid. Especially as we celebrate Emirati Children’s Day these days, child care is an integrated unit that incorporates physical, psychological and mental safety, and more importantly, each of these types significantly affects the other. The deep way.

Psychological care, on the other hand, has a great privacy and care should be taken to the highest level. , However, psychological vulnerability requires parents, responsible, effort, greater awareness and knowledge in the upbringing of young children, to take care of it and realize and reach the extent of its impact. Children, especially teenagers, are not good. They did not express the feelings that hurt them or the psychological trauma they suffered.

That’s why choosing “Children’s Mental Health” was a slogan for Emirati Children’s Day, a successful choice, and the most important opportunity to talk about the importance of mental health and its impact on physical and mental health, as it balances the individual’s existence and healthy development.

Therefore, it is important for parents to be aware of the signs of deteriorating mental health of their child. Perhaps one of the symptoms of this case is an imbalance in the level of his academic achievement, or his wandering and inward thinking, inability to make friends and adapt to the social environment in which he lives.

Parents need to know that their children’s needs are not limited to physical features. Make friends with your peers so that they do not fall into introspection and loneliness.

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It calls on parents and the school to monitor any changes in the child’s behavior that may be detrimental to his or her mental health, and push them to recognize the importance of engaging children in social life. Really play with their peers instead of virtual games that increase their isolation and harm their mental health.

As I read this article, mother and father, where to get information on how to psychologically protect my son, how to improve my knowledge in this aspect, the answer to which is important and necessary, we are in the field of child care. Provides many guiding and awareness items. On the other hand, we point out the need to look at the books of experts in education, psychology and child behavior, and to examine the accuracy of information transmitted by child education and psychological care systems, especially by some. On social media sites, it is a good idea to consult an expert.

Today, we in the United Arab Emirates are fortunate in our concerted efforts to protect children, ensure their safety, and grant them their full rights.
Director of the Department of Child Protection in Sharjah

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