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Merboa defeats Al-Kabeer at Women’s Rights Conference on Episode 20 of “Al-Kabeer Away 6” | News

Episode 20 of the series “Al Kabeer Avi” saw the continued anger of Masarita women and their demand for the right to enter the youth center.

The 20th episode of “The Big Oy 6” series was shown, with the following being its most important events.

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The elder defends the rights of men

Al-Kabeer decides to kill Marbuha, and then after the media gathers around his house, Hezres succeeds in getting him to fight the same way.

Hezras and al-Kabeer broadcast live on Facebook, and they talk about men who have been wronged in society.

Samantha’s plan

Samantha and Merboa come up with a plan to persuade Kabir to demand the right of women to enter the Mazarita Youth Center.

The old man falls into the trap, listens to his mother’s advice and thinks Merbahu has been deceived and allows him to leave the room.

Great Oi Series

The anger of al-Masarita’s men
Al-Kabeer conspired against the women of Masarita, spoiled their husbands’ gowns and decided to strike from housework.

The elder confronts his mother Samantha, who decides to hold a conference to hear Mzarita reclaim women’s rights and hear their demands.

Women’s Rights Conference
The conference is divided into two groups, the first for men led by al-Kabeer and Fasa, and the second for women led by Samantha and Johnny.

Al-Kabeer gives a speech about his admiration for women and his view that they are more important than men, and he agrees with all their demands, including allowing Masarita to enter the youth center.

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Surprise of the Masarita Youth Center
The Mazarita Youth Center opens its doors on a day reserved for women, but Samantha and Marbuha are shocked to find the place unclean and unworthy of demonstrations and demand that women enter.

The “Al Kabeer Away” series will air on the ON Channel at 6:20 pm, and will be re-broadcast on the ON Channel at 1:50 pm and 2:00 pm the next day.

It will be shown on the “Tales” channel at 6:30 pm, the first reprint at 12:30 pm, the second reprint at 6:30 am and the third reprint at 12:30 pm.

The series will also air on the “Hekayat 2” channel at 10:30 pm, while it will air again at 5:30 am.

“Al Kabeer Oi 6” stars Ahmed Makki, Hisham Ismail, Rahma Ahmed, Mohammad Salam, Baomi Fouad, Laila S Al Arab, Sama Ibrahim and others. The series was written and overseen by Mustafa Chakrabarty and Mohamed Is El Din. Produced by Synergy, directed by Ahmed L. Genti.

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