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This diet will protect you from dementia in old age


When the most terrifying question about aging comes to mind, how the mind and intellect change over time, it is frightening to see one’s family members later suffering from significant dementia.

Dementia is one of the most common conditions in which people experience changes in memory as they age.

According to a report by Eat This Not That, dementia is not a specific disease as some people think, but it is a term used to describe a decline or decline in certain cognitive functions, such as memory, which affects a person’s daily life. Dementia is very common and affects millions around the world, but it is far more severe than the mild memory loss that can occur to some people with normal aging.

There are many factors that affect the risk of developing dementia later in life. Certain preventive measures such as healthy eating habits, daily routines, age and genetics may play a role in reducing the risk of dementia.


According to a study published in the Japanese Journal of Human Science for Health and Social Services, skipping breakfast is a daily habit that quadruples the risk of developing dementia.

The Japanese study, conducted over a period of 6 years, closely followed the rural farming community in Japan. More than 500 adults aged 65 or older participated in the study at the start of the study.

Many habits were closely studied with these participants, including skipping breakfast, eating snacks during the day, not focusing on reducing salt intake, and not being interested in diversifying the nutrients we eat.

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Very dangerous breakfast

Of all these factors, the biggest impact on dementia is skipping breakfast. People who do not eat breakfast are four times more likely to be diagnosed with dementia than those who miss breakfast.

Although breakfast is a very important factor in reducing the risk, snacks and table salt intake, the importance of eating a healthy diet has also been shown.

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day.

According to a Japanese study conducted by researchers at Sukuba University, soluble fiber-rich foods reduce the risk of dementia in adults.

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