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Mesa Majri is a Tunisian artist who prefers the Gulf dialect.


(MENAFN– Al-Bayan)

She has a beautiful vocal range that can be identified with the most popular musical styles and is described as a “diva” of the future in her native Tunisia. With “Star Academy,” he succeeded in stealing the limelight with the “Caramel” clip. “, which he presented with his fellow rapper Armasta, and the clip received millions of views on YouTube.

“Caramel” is not an orphan song on Mesa’s repertoire. Apart from her, she has dozens of people who have helped her approach many styles of music, but despite that, she is still Mesa, and as she revealed to “Al-Bayan” she likes to sing in the color of the Gulf, describing herself as a “lover of the Gulf language”. She told Al-Bayan: “Since my childhood, I have been inspired by the Gulf dialect and the songs that prevail in this dialect. , I wanted to start with “Gulf Star” which helped me further to know the Gulf music style and dialect, and contributed to reducing the distance between me and the Gulf dialect. Massa, who graduated from “Star of the Gulf 2011”, did not get stuck in the borders of his country, but started to be closer to the worlds of music he loved in all its details to “Star Academy”.

Maisa’s love for the Gulf dialect is due to her “constant search for a good word”. He says, “Actually, I was proficient in most musical styles and singing in various Arabic languages, but I found special comfort in doing any Gulf work.” He says, “I always look for the word and its rhythm in the soul, as this represents my main criterion in choosing the work I want to present to the public.” He adds: “The Gulf dialect is very close to our hearts, and so are its rhythms, in the south of Tunisia there are rhythms similar or very close to the Gulf rhythm, and I think this contributed to the expansion. The scope of the spread of Gulf singing in Tunisia, as well as the nature of cultural proximity and the similarity of language between us and the Gulf, play a role in this context.

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Leaving him in Dubai, Meza returns to the region from which he launched his journey to stardom, and his arrival comes in the framework of Emirati producer Ali Al Yasi signing a deal with H Productions. The number of lyrics and video clips in the coming period, so the Tunisian artist begins to step towards a new female star, and he affirms that “Dubai has managed to attract a lot of attention to him”, after all, “I will visit Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in his visit, digital and music. In preparation for launching into space, he insisted, “it would help him choose a group of lyrics that he would record later.”

Messa Majri’s passion for music and its details has not stopped him from opening his eyes to theater and acting, noting that he is looking forward to getting the right opportunity in line with the nature of his qualifications and experience in the field.


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