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With the support of Khalid bin Mohammed bin Saeed .. “Abu Dhabi Art” opens its doors to the public tomorrow


Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

Under the auspices of Sheikh Khalid bin Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan, Member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Committee and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Office, the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi opens the 13th edition of Abu Dhabi Art. Exhibition for the public tomorrow Wednesday at 4pm at Manarat Al Saadiyat.
With 49 galleries from 19 countries and more than 130 artists from around the world, this year’s exhibition returns to entertain art lovers again, presenting more than 600 unique works of art. This year’s edition includes 14 new galleries from Colombia, France, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Italy, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Exhibition performances include: The “Shadow of the Shadow” section, under the supervision of Supervisor Simon Nami, the Performing Arts Program, under the supervision of Supervisor Rose Legon, and the “Horizons: Emerging Artists” program, under the supervision of Supervisor Sam. Bardaville and Dill Felrath.

Commenting on this year’s edition of Abu Dhabi Art, Mohammed Khalifa Al Mubarak, Head of the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism, said: “This year, Abu Dhabi Art is back with its physics version. The safety and health of all is a top priority, which is a strong testament to the success of the endeavors and endeavors. Appreciating our eagerness to attend this important cultural event taking place in Abu Dhabi Emirates, we would not miss this opportunity without expressing our heartfelt gratitude to all parties who support Abu Dhabi art, including exhibition guests, associates, exhibitors, observers and artists. It continues to gain global momentum as an important forum that brings together the diverse talents and creative staff of different nationalities, affirming its role as a core archive, providing a vital platform for the next generation of emerging creative personnel, which contributes to laying the foundations for a sustainable arts and cultural environment. “
Following the huge success of the first digital edition of Abu Dhabi Art in 2020, last year’s curators Simon Nizami and Rose Legan were invited to present the new corporate structure at this year’s exhibition at the stadium.
Abu Dhabi Art Director Diala Nusseibeh said: “Abu Dhabi Art has officially opened and we are delighted that Manarat al-Saadiyat has withdrawn its activities and performances in its physics edition, especially since this year has seen a record turnout since 49. The galleries reflect the growth and prosperity of the arts and creativity community in the United Arab Emirates, and the Abu Dhabi Emirate’s support for artists and galleries, which was evident during the epidemics. Activities of its digital version over the past year. The exhibition’s frequent galleries are looking forward to reuniting with the general public and welcoming visitors and art collectors, in addition to first-time participating galleries that are eager to welcome supporters, visitors and patrons of Abu Dhabi art. Art. “

  • Muhammad Khalifa Al Mubarak
    Muhammad Khalifa Al Mubarak

Art exhibitions and shows
Abu Dhabi Art 2021 Exhibitions and Art Shows:
The Department of Modern and Contemporary Art, comprising 26 participating galleries from 15 countries, offers a wide variety of works of art by creators and artists from a variety of art paths.
– The Special Art Project section, with the participation of 21 galleries from 6 countries, each offers one to three selected works of art.
– “Shadow of the Shadow” Division, under the supervision of Superintendent Simon Najami. Najami will present the works of several artists and galleries within the new institutional framework entitled “Shadow of Shades of Blue”, in which Najami puts jazz music as a metaphor for exhibition standards that are not constrained by factors or conditions. In this category are works of art by Richard Ottokonsa and Charlene Communityal via Avery Art (Kampala, Uganda), MAM Gallery via Billy Pitzoca and Joel Jungio (Tuala, Cameroon) and Abdolia Gonade (Kampala, Uganda) “Primo Marella” (Milan, Marella). And artists Nissan Cosentini and Joel Andrianomyarisuva in the “Sabrina Omrani” gallery (Madrid, Spain).
Four performances by Louise Herv, Clovis Mayt, Maas Elbeek, Rand Abdul-Jabbar and Davos Magsheva – this year’s art show with the aim of providing a concise and poetic experience under the guidance of Supervisor Rose Legon.
– “Gate” Exhibition: “Crossing” offers a fast-paced audio and video experience in conjunction with the Abu Dhabi Art Exhibition, the Abu Dhabi Group for Culture and the Arts and the National Pavilion of the United Arab Emirates at the International Art Exhibition in Venice Final. Artist Nujum Al-Ghanim, artwork participating in the pavilion. National Exhibition of the United Arab Emirates at the 2019 International Art Exhibition in Venice Final. Crossing will return to the United Arab Emirates for the first time as part of the annual Gateway Exhibition. Abu Dhabi Art Exhibition, which showcases local and international artists. It will be included in elements of the Abu Dhabi Culture and Art Exhibition titled “Emirates of Visions” 2022.

  • Diala Nusaibe
    Diala Nusaibe

Various art shows
Abu Dhabi Art focuses on organizing various art events, which serve as a platform for all members of the community to participate, play a fundamental role in nurturing and supporting emerging artists, and building a link between exhibitions around the world in support of local people. And international art exhibition. The list includes the following:
Horizons: Emerging Artists 2021: The show is co-founded by Art Re-Orient and co-founders of the Hamburg Bonhof Museum with directors Sam Burdauil and Dill Wilrath. They hired Hashel al-Lamki to present a work entitled “Neptune”, Maida Abdullah to present a work entitled “Very Close to the Sun” and Christopher Joshua Benton to present a work entitled “The World”. Was My Garden in the UAE to design and exhibit these new works of art in Abu Dhabi this year’s edition. ”Their artwork will be on display at Manarat Al Sadiyam from November 17 to December 4. Horizons: This year’s edition of Emerging Artists is the first to be supported by the recently announced Friends of Abu Dhabi Art Initiative. Is the plan.
– Afaq: Appointment of Artists: This year, the Al Jahli Fort in Al Ain will host the “Expansion of the Past” and the newly hired works by Haseem artists Aya Haider at various cultural sites across the capital. Harp said, “Between earth and sky: the boundaries are in our minds.” Only ”at the Manarat Al Saadiyat and Jebel Hafeet Desert Park in Al Ain, Dr. Saa at the entrance to Manarat Al Saadiyat and Al Ain Oasis ”and Rashid Arayan will present a work of art in a square-shaped plaza entitled“ Food for Thought – Think ”with a combined cafe with eight attached balconies. To promote change at the entrance to Abu Dhabi’s Cultural Complex ”and Richard Ottokonsa’s new works will be on display at the Manarat Al Saadiyat and Jebel Hafeet Desert Parks under the title“ Near but Distant ”. The works of these artists are scheduled to be released during the exhibition period and will be available for public viewing till January 22, 2022.
Around the exhibition, artists participating in the “Horizons: Assigning Artists” show will present key works of art within the framework of the Abu Dhabi Art Show, and the “In and About Abu Dhabi Art” section will connect visitors to the exhibition. Projects that are outside its boundaries. The arts in and around Abu Dhabi will feature Alfredo Jarre, Hera Pyuktasky, Olga de Amaral, Sahar Naveed, Zia Armagani, Zarina and Zainab Sedira.
Curriculum: Abu Dhabi offers art workshops, artists’ lectures, tours in English and Arabic, and competitions for community members of all ages. Visit our website to know more about the current year’s schedule.
The opening of the Abu Dhabi Art Exhibition will mark the beginning of the art season in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, where new exhibitions will open in the Louvre Abu, and other important cultural and art events in the Caste Island Cultural District. Tabi and New York University Abu Dhabi Art Gallery.

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