April 2, 2023

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Message exchange between Dutch "WAM" and "ANP" and "NOS".

Message exchange between Dutch “WAM” and “ANP” and “NOS”.

Emirates News Agency “WAM” discussed ways to enhance media collaboration and communication opportunities with its Dutch counterpart “ANP” and the Netherlands Corporation for Television and Radio Broadcasting (NOS).

This came during the visit of Mohammed Jalal Al Raisi, Director General of the Emirates News Agency “WAM”, to the headquarters of the two companies, where he met with Martin Bennis, CEO of the Dutch news agency, and Marcel Kelow, editor. President of the Dutch Institute for Television and Radio Broadcasting.

These meetings emerged from the strategic relations between the UAE and the Netherlands in various fields, especially media cooperation, which will play a key role in embodying the growth and development of the partnership between the two friendly countries and their peoples.

During the two visits, Mohammed Jalal Al Raisi, Director General of the Emirates News Agency, WAM, reviewed aspects of media collaboration on the latest technologies and advanced projects in the media work system at these two companies.

Martin Bennis, Managing Director of the Dutch News Agency, and Marcel Kelow, Editor – in – Chief of the Television and Radio Broadcasting Corporation, welcomed the delegation to the Emirates News Agency “WAM”, and the Netherlands and the UAE have strategic partnerships in various fields, enjoying the support of the leaders of the two allies. This is exemplified by the Netherlands’ active participation in “Expo 2020 Dubai”.

During the meeting, the two sides stressed the importance of enhancing media cooperation and establishing joint training programs.

Mohammed Jalal al-Raisi stressed the importance of the two visits in establishing a unique model for media collaboration with some of the most important media organizations in the Netherlands. Different languages.

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The joint venture between the Dutch news agency “ANP” and the Dutch television and radio broadcaster “NOS” enhances the media structure in both countries, which is evident in the international media’s Expo 2020 coverage. Dubai.

He invited the two organizations to attend the first session of the World Media Congress to be held in the capital Abu Dhabi from November 15 to 17 next year. (Left)