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Meta introduces an artificial intelligence model for image processing and analysis



Wed, Jun 14, 2023 11:14 AM

MetaPlatforms said it would make the template accessible to researchers Artificial intelligence A new “human figure” could analyze images with greater accuracy than current models, he said.

The new model (i-JEPA) uses prior knowledge of the world to fill in missing parts of images, rather than looking at nearby elements like other generative AI models, the company said.

He said the approach involves a kind of human-like thinking championed by John Lugan, chief scientist of artificial intelligence, and that the technology helps avoid common mistakes in AI-generated images, such as the appearance of a human hand with extra fingers. .

Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, is one of the most popular publishers of open-source AI research with its own internal research lab. Its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said sharing models developed by Meta researchers would help the company by spurring innovation, finding security flaws and reducing costs.

He told investors in April, “For us, the sector is better off standardizing what we use in terms of basic tools so that we can benefit from the improvements others are making,” according to Sky News Arabia. Report.

The father of artificial intelligence

Company executives have so far dismissed warnings from others in the industry about LAPotential risks of this technologyLast month, they refused to sign a report that equated these risks to the risks of pandemics and wars, despite support for the report from senior executives from OpenAI, DeepMind, Microsoft and Google.

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Considered one of the “godfathers of artificial intelligence,” Lugan refuses to dwell on the technology’s potential downsides, instead advocating work on security tests for its systems.

Meta has begun integrating features of AI models that can be built into its consumer products, including advertising tools that can create photo backgrounds and an Instagram product that can edit photos, both based on user searches.

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