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Meta is testing a new live streaming platform for influencers


Asma Mandur

Testing out a new live streaming platform for influencers called MetaAwesomeIt allows you to host live broadcasts, generate revenue and interact with users.

The company reportedly charged between $200 and $3,000 to use the platform for 30 minutes. The platform was developed in late 2020 and is currently being developed and tested on a small scale by the new product testing team at Meta. A group of creators.

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The report indicated Business Insider Meta recently reached out to a number of creators and asked them to try out the new project, and the platform, which appears to feature Twitch-like technologies, is currently being tested with fewer than 100 creators.

The platform currently operates on a tiered system, with viewers paying to access features included in the broadcast, and a Meta spokesperson said: “For now, it’s only available online. , which may be part of a meta-scale of products.

The initial meta-testing of the new super platform comes as the company recently announced that Facebook will be moving its direct shopping feature to Reels from October 1.

Live Video Shopping became public on Facebook two years ago, after small tests and beta tests, and it would have been a huge source of income for Facebook, thanks to sales fees charged during collection.

However, initial testing of the super platform shows that Meta believes there is a market for a live streaming platform for influencers and creators, but it is still in the early testing phase of the platform and can be adjusted according to user feedback.

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