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Meteorological Warning: Periods of weather fluctuations in the country .. It is time for the heat to subside.


The Center for Meteorology predicts an increase in temperature on Monday, making it possible for Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts, southern Sinai and southern parts of the country to experience warmer weather and nighttime weather, so cold weather prevails over all parts of the country at night.

The Meteorological Agency said Monday morning that roads and roads leading to Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, northern beaches, canal cities, central Sinai and northern Upper Egypt were inundated. Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, Northern Beaches, Canal Cities and North Upper Egypt Day, and wind and sand activity in the western part of the country

The report on temperature in cities and capitals in the governorates of the Republic is as follows:

Temperatures in Cairo Minor 20 and Great 33

Temperatures at Shepin L-Com Minor 20 and Great 33

Temperatures at Tanda Minor 20 and Great 33

Tamanhur has a minimum temperature of 20 and a maximum of 32 degrees Celsius

The minimum temperature in Alexandria is 20 and the maximum is 31

Temperature at Baltim Minor 21 Max 29

Temperatures at Matrouh Minor 20 and max 31

The minimum temperature in Salum is 19 and the maximum is 31

Temperatures at Siva Minor 19 and maximum 35

The temperature of the port is said to be Minor 21, maximum 30

Temperatures at Damietta Minor 20 and Max 30

Temperatures at Zagazig Minor 20 and Great 33

Temperatures in Ismailia Minor 21 and Great 34

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Suez has a minimum temperature of 21 and a maximum temperature of 33 degrees

The minimum temperature in Al-Arish will be 21 and the maximum will be 30

The minimum temperature in Rafah is 20. The maximum is 30

Temperatures in Ross Cider Minor 19 and Great 30

Temperature at Naql al-Chokra 14, Great 29

Temperatures at Nuvaiba Minor 19 and maximum 33

Temperatures in Taba Minor 22 and Great 30

Temperatures at Catherine The Miner 14 and Great 28

Temperature at minimum phase 14 and maximum 30 C

Temperature at Sharm el Shake Minor 21 and Great 33

The minimum temperature in Hurghada is 20 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature is 32 degrees Celsius

Temperatures at Marsa Alam Minor 19 and Great 32

The minimum temperature in Fayoum is 16 and the maximum is 34.

Temperatures at Beni Souf Minor 15 and Great 33

Temperatures in Minya, Minya 16 and maximum 34

Temperatures at 15 C and 33 C, respectively

Temperatures at Sohag Minor 15 and Great 34

Temperatures in Kena, Minor 16 and max 35

Temperature in Luxor, minimum 16 and maximum 35

Temperatures at Aswan Minor 16 and Great 36

Temperatures at Abu Simbel Minor 15 and Great 36

Temperatures in New Valley Minor 14 and Great 35

Temperatures at Shaladine Minor 19 and Great 32

Temperatures in Abu Ramat Minor 19 and Great 32

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Temperatures at HaloEb Minor 20 and Great 31

Temperatures in Ross Hatraba Minor 20 and Great 30

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