March 31, 2023

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Meteorology announces weather till second day of Ramzan.. Warning about this matter

The Meteorological Department has issued a report on the weather forecast for all cities and some parts of the Republic for the period from Sunday to Friday, March 19, 2023.

Further, in a statement published on its official Facebook page today, the Meteorological Department said that the temperature will gradually rise by 3 to 5 degrees Celsius across the country from Tuesday.

Day Weather:

It said mild weather will prevail during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and the northern coast. It is warmest in southern Sinai and northern Upper Egypt. Temperate in southern Upper Egypt

Night Weather:

He also pointed out that most of the areas experience cold weather at night.

The most important weather events expected are:

Sunday, March 19:

Moderate rainfall, with about 40% incidence, in the northern coast and north of Lower Egypt, intermittently.

There is a chance of light rain with approximately 30% incidence over southern Lower Egypt and the canal cities. It may extend to areas of Greater Cairo, approximately 20% of cases, intermittently.

Intermittent wind activity over Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, Northern Coasts, Southern Sinai and Northern Upper Egypt.

Monday, March 20:

The northern coastal areas and the northern parts of Lower Egypt receive approximately 30 to 40% light to medium rainfall during the intervening period.

Intermittent wind activity in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts, southern Sinai and the south of the country.

Tuesday and Wednesday, March 21 and 22:

Intermittent wind activity in the South Sinai regions.

Thursday and Friday, March 23 and 24:

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Intermittent wind activity in the northwestern and southern Sinai coastal regions.