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Nazli Al-Rawas Comment on Zuhair Abdel-Karim’s “Lack of Faith” (Video) – Mada Post


Nazli al-Rawas commented on Zuhair Abdel-Karim’s description of her as “lacking faith” (video).

Mada Post – Editorial Board

Syrian artist Nazli al-Rawas accused his colleague Zuhair Abdel-Karim of being “disloyal” in a media interview.

This was in response to a question Nazli Al-Rawaz received in a video interview with Fuchiya, in which he said he had heard about the matter but had not heard what he had to say and was not concerned about him. She has more important things to do.

Al-Rawas continued, explaining that he is a graduate of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts and that this is enough to be a green card for his presence in any job.

Nazli Al Rawas replied to Zuhair Abdul Karim

He added that he started his artistic career with professors and prominent names in the art community such as Al-Muthanna Sob, Imad Dahiya, Rasha Sharbadji and Firaz Dahni and his presence in their works was very important.

If Nazli al-Rawas was someone waiting for stardom, she would have had it since she was elected Miss Damascus in 1999, or her grandfather Muhammad al-Rawas or her father, Fawaz al-Rawas, to mediate her securing artistic roles, since she is the daughter of an artistic medium. , it is better to ask to intervene in it.

The artist expressed his advice to Zuhair Abdel Karim, Nazli Al-Rawaz and Qamar Khalaf, who gave him his first chance at acting and helped him enter the field of art, but they did not meet him with loyalty, indicating that. Neither of them mentioned him in his media interviews: “Sweet loyalty to life, especially the first round.” .

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Nazli Al Rawas: No need to cry at this time

On the other hand, the artist, Nazli Al-Rawas, confirmed that there is no need to cry in secret at the moment, noting that there is nothing to make a person cry or wonder, saying that he sees today. Laughter, hope, and being around funny people.

During the meeting, Al-Rawas recalled the most important events, the circumstances in which he lived with his mother, and how he lives today with his two daughters, “Tia and Leah” and realizes what his mother is doing.

In conclusion, Nazli Al-Rawas sent a message to her mother on Mother’s Day, wishing her health, happiness and long life, indicating that her mother feels happy when she sees her happy and successful.

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