January 29, 2023

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Miami Mayor says bitcoin could be a global currency

Miami Mayor says bitcoin could be a global currency

Cointelegraph Editor-in-Chief Christina Corner recently met with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss topics such as the role played by the mayor at the World Economic Forum, the Bitcoin becoming a global currency, and what the mayor does. Does with his bitcoins.

According to Suarez, his role in the World Economic Forum was different than what he did at the Bitcoin Miami event. In Davos, the mayor noted that he played a “missionary role” in teaching people about bitcoin. He explained that he was trying to make people understand that this technology would affect “the lives of many.”

Regardless of this, Suarez also discussed the potential of Bitcoin as a global currency. The mayor noted that Bitcoin offers a variety of opportunities to democratize and “disrupt socialist systems.” In addition, he said, Bitcoin “builds trust, which should be the basis of currency systems.”

Suarez, who receives some of his salary in bitcoin, told Corner that he often accumulates his own bitcoin. He confirmed that he believes in the technology behind cryptocurrency and that one day he will be able to give it to his children.

The mayor of Miami also agreed with MasterCard CEO Michael Maybach’s sentiments that Swift would be defunct in five years. Suarez also noted that the crypto entry of companies like MasterCard is very important for the industry. Mayor believes Mastercard has the infrastructure to help the cryptocurrency world in terms of processing power.