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The audience was shocked to see Rabeh Chakri’s “strong” response insulting Mohammad Abto .. You will not believe what he said boldly and courageously !!


The Saudi artist Rabeh Chakr responded to the false statements of the Arab artist Muhammad Abdo, but only indirectly, after expressing his opinion on the art and songs performed by Rabeh Chakr, Talal Matah and other famous singers in the Arab world.

Raba Sagar tweeted through his official Twitter account: “We all love Mohammed Abdo, which is in many predictions, our author is Mohammed A. Al-Hadi A. Al-Hadi.” Apto was a guest of journalist Ali al-Olayani on the recent “Stages” show aired on the SBC channel.

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They asked Mohammed Salah: How did you meet the mother of Mecca ?! Shamelessly and boldly revealed the secrets of the marital relationship !!

Tonia Samir Khanem followed Asala Nasri, Ahlam and Amr Adib and gifted him 400 400!

Mai Ezz El-Din: Normal, you can hit any actor other than the 3 artists who do not allow me to access them .. You will not believe who they are, because it will shock you!

“My wife, do you want me to hug you tight in bed during the relationship?” .. Check out Mabrook Attia’s shocking and unexpected response!

The Syrian look of Nakhla Pathi attracts attention … Fula and the two texts are separated!

Courageously and without shame .. Mayan asked al-Sayyid: Who is the person you are most married to, she immediately responded !!

Do you remember Abu Hatim’s daughter “Sahar” in “Bob Al-Hara”?

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“Cheap actor” .. They asked Khalid Jackie about his outspoken opinion about Adel Imam and Muhammad Ramadan and everyone was shocked by his answer!

This heartbeat baby has become one of the most popular art stars in Egypt .. Do you know him?

Images of Mayan al-Sayyid Dalat “pregnant” and her “belly” ignite communication sites … Who is the groom?

Not Hassan Yousuf .. Can’t you believe who washed and covered Samir Sabri and buried him with his hands?

Ibn Shaban Abdul Rahim cuts his literature and asks to marry his late father’s wife … The famous star taught him a hard lesson in literature!

You will not believe who is the wife of the great artist Imad Rashad! .. Famous actress and star of the movie “Kavi Problems”.

What Fifi Abdo did while washing Samir Sabri shocked everyone!

Rami’s audience knows the bizarre behavior of the artist inside the big mosque in Mecca .. you show .. this is a big sin!

Responding to another tweet by renowned Saudi activist Naif Madkali, Rabi Chakrin tweeted, “Supporting Rabi and his fellow singers, with my compliments to the great artist Muhammad Abdo, the song Talal Matah is my beloved homeland. I will continue with Abu Azil’s song, my country, and immortal songs engraved in my memory.

The Arab artist Muhammad Abdo made some controversial statements in which he emphasized that Talal Mata and Abu Bakr Saleem had left only a flirtatious song tradition, but they did not abandon the national tradition, but what the national tradition was. The rest.He laughs, “It’s like someone is pushing a broken car. This is not home.”

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He continued in his statements that while talking about the song “My Beloved Country”, the song was stolen and he tried to confirm the validity of his words, comparing it to another song, calling on all artists to put in more effort and sweat. For the homeland, he was a witness to this agreement, telling his opinion to those who had disappeared in their presence.

Following the outrage of the masses, the artist, Mohammad Abdo, apologized to the families of the late artists Abu Bakr Salem and Talal Matah after he was criticized by some for his comments while hosting a “stage” show with the media. About the artistic legacy of his late colleagues at SBC.

Muhammad Abdo also said through a video clip .. “May God have mercy on all our dead and dead Muslims and I refer to my loved ones, my friends and my teachers Abu Bakr Salem and Talal Al-Matah .. Truth I participated and shared my joys and sorrows with me Of those who have, I am indebted to them for what I have lived through in their history and for always being with them in pleasures and pains.

And, “I apologize to them, their lovers, and all of their family. In a Ramadan interview, it was a little sharp … I apologize … and I apologize to their followers and loved ones. In that expression it was only art.”

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