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Microsoft is building a cryptocurrency wallet into its Edge browser


Written by Raza Kamal

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 at 06:00 AM

Wake up Microsoft Building a cryptocurrency portfolio to the browser edge On its own, even as crypto markets struggle, sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans say. on the edge.

The software company is testing its built-in crypto wallet Microsoft Edge It’s the latest feature to come to the browser, with plans to roll it out locally in recent months and eventually to consumers. Microsoft Edge The leaked screenshots of the portfolio have been enlarged Online encryption Last week, thanks to a user Twitter AlphacoreContinues to document unreleased features WindowsThe description explains Microsoft As for a crypto wallet, it has ‘simplified experiences’ Web3 Easy”, and it has “integrated security features to protect you from unsafe addresses or applications”.

As the staff did Microsoft Recently in access to crypto wallets edgeThis has already proved controversial domestically, with one source describing the situation as “bad looking” after he did so. Microsoft Recently removed several teams edge Those who have worked on less important aspects will be notified Microsoft Edge About the ability to buy cryptocurrency CoinbaseAnd ThreeWith a built-in crypto wallet, it will also include the ability to connect more decentralized applications to the wallet feature, and support the collection and storage of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).NFTs)

Portfolio comes out edge Encrypted in a few days of addition Microsoft button Ping Great for a browser edge In an attempt to direct people to its search engine, and where the button couldn’t be easily removed, it ran Microsoft He criticized the addition of buy-now-pay-later edge And its strong claims that prevent you from using it Chrome And the way it was done Windows 11 At first it was difficult to change its default browsers and I got the hang of it Microsoft OS default applications concerns Windows 11 But still edge It’s gradually bloated with features that I can’t imagine many people will find useful, let’s see Microsoft Edge Really good.

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