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Microsoft is developing a “lite” version of its email service, Outlook


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Jul 04 2022 2:15 GMT

Updated Date: Jul 04 2022 6:05 GMT

A new report has confirmed that Microsoft is currently working on a lightweight version of the Outlook email app for Android phones, so that phone users can

Source: Mohammad Badawi – Erm News

A new report has confirmed that Microsoft is currently working on a lighter version of its Outlook email app for Android phones, so that users of low-end phones can get a premium experience, but without taking up a large portion of the phone’s storage memory.

A report published by German website Dr.Windows stated that the new app will provide users with a smooth and unique experience on Android phones and aims to protect the user’s email experience.


The report indicated that the design of the new application will not differ greatly from the full version of the traditional “Outlook” on smartphones, but the user will not be able to find the only feature that is missing from the “Lite” application. To enable more than one Outlook account.

It is worth noting that the idea of ​​the “Lite” version will expand the range of “Outlook” users on smart phones, and this method has become the best solution for a large number of application developers to seek to increase the number of users. Their services, especially in developing countries with advanced capabilities of smart phones are expensive, as well as the high costs of mobile internet services, which rely mainly on smart phones to connect to the internet.


The new app’s interface differs from the original app’s design, with the app’s main tabs being Mail and Calendar, and thirdly, the Contacts tab instead of the Search tab.

The report does not provide specific data on the release date of the new version, especially since there is an app with the same name Outlook Lite for Android on the official Play Store in some countries.

It is noteworthy that Outlook has only 8% of the market for email services for smartphones, while Gmail has 27.2%, Apple Mail 11.5%, Yahoo Mail 5.4%, and Samsung is still the top market share. According to the Litmus Mail Mobile Email Services Market Report 2021, the mail service is only 1.2%.

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