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Tips for organizing family time during summer vacation


A vacation or summer vacation is considered a trip to another world. This transition phase doesn’t happen until weeks of careful planning, and then after a few days of calm and quiet, back to work and work or school.

Human development expert Dr. Tamer Shalaby tells Madame: “Returning to the old routine and normal life can feel like gravity after days of weightlessness, and some consider it a familiar burden, which is suddenly difficult to bear. But with a little planning, you may find that you’re already somewhat rested on vacation and ready to resume your normal life and routine.

Make a plan in advance.. A plan can be made in advance before the vacation begins, outlining activities that can be done during the vacation and family planning, brainstorming, and family participation in setting important dates for the family to do. ; Appointments for doctor visits, etcOrganize activities smoothly and harmonious, so that all of them can be practiced properly and properly.

* Organizing vacation time

Organizing vacation time

Wake up at a specific time every day:

It is recommended to organize your bedtime during the summer holidays, make sure you are getting enough hours of sleep, ideally seven to eight hours a day, and it is advised to wake up at the same time each time. during the day, and avoid playing video games or staying up late at night.

Determining full-time friends:

By getting to know and identifying friends who are free during the summer vacation, you can agree to spend common time with them like going swimming, watching a movie, sitting at home and gossiping with them. It can be achieved by integrating with friends through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

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Practicing Hobbies:

Summer vacation provides time to practice a new hobby or continue a previously popular hobby, which can be used to avoid wasting too much time on the computer, joining a club or sports team, or participating in worthwhile summer lessons and camps. , video games or television throughout the day, and limit them as much as possible by setting a special time of no more than two hours a day.

Family Assistance:

Daily time can be set aside to help parents with extra chores at home, ask them about help they can provide, It should Obligation to do certain things Practices such as maintaining the cleanliness of the private room, putting the laundry in the designated basket, washing dishes after meals, cleaning curtains from stains and dust, cleaning the bathroom after showering, and disposing of garbage.

Yoga Practice:

Join yoga classes during summer vacations and practice yoga and meditation as meditation helps improve creative thinking, increases concentration levels, reduces anxiety and stress, and provides physical balance, mental and physical peace, which makes the soul happy.

*Summer vacation tips

Summer Vacation Tips

Plan a smooth, simple comeback in small steps:

Because of this technology and this extra day, we’re more connected at work than ever before, and more importantly if we can get off our cell phones for at least one day before going back to work. Cleaning out bags, laundry, and an empty fridge can get your kids used to going to bed early again.

Restore normal sleep time:

Insomnia and children go hand in hand, children change their sleep time very easily, this sleep problem can make vacationing with young children more effort than staying at home, if you are at home, all the children’s toys are there. Can drive, unfortunately while in the hotel room, they go out and play.

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While on vacation, adults tend to stay up late and children too, jet lag disrupts sleep because travel fatigue is a natural process your body goes through.

If you want to use a sleep aid to restore your normal sleep time, unfortunately, you will have to stay awake for a day to adjust your day and organize your children’s sleep. Desirable for their own development.

Be realistic about your relationship with your spouse before and after your trip.

Some couples find that marriages on vacation reveal weaknesses in their relationship because people and couples think that their problems will disappear on vacation, but wherever you go, your problems follow you, and for some, the holiday is like Eid. Everything should be perfect, but vacations often fall short of those expectations, so whether your vacation is uneventful or full of fights, you should know that life will return to normal after the vacation, so be prepared to return to normal life. , of course you can make some changes to it, but don’t get your hopes up that you two will get back to the way you knew each other.

Give your daily routine a break:

Did you know that vacations can help a family eat better! Usually you eat out a lot when you’re on vacation, so when you get home everyone is looking forward to a cooked meal. So celebrate as a way to kick-start a plan for home-cooked meals. It was simply a great time Include the best foods in your diet. Don’t forget that you should do some exercise on vacation, apart from contributing to sleep, exercise can help you avoid weight gain caused by long vacation periods.

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