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Tips for organizing family time during summer vacation



Tips for organizing family time during summer vacation

A vacation or summer vacation is considered a trip to another world. This transition phase doesn’t happen until weeks of careful planning, and then after a few days of calm and quiet, back to work and work or school.

Human development expert Dr. Tamer Shalaby tells Madame: “Returning to the old routine and normal life can feel like gravity after days of weightlessness, and some consider it a familiar burden, which is suddenly difficult to bear. But with a little planning, you may find that you’re already somewhat rested on vacation and ready to resume your normal life and routine.

Make a plan in advance.. A plan can be made in advance before the vacation begins, outlining activities that can be done during the vacation and family planning, brainstorming, and family participation in setting important dates for the family to do. ; Appointments for doctor visits, etcOrganize activities smoothly and harmonious, so that all of them can be practiced properly and properly.

* Organizing vacation time

Organizing vacation time

Wake up at a specific time every day:

It is recommended to organize your bedtime during the summer holidays, make sure you are getting enough hours of sleep, ideally seven to eight hours a day, and it is advised to wake up at the same time each time. during the day, and avoid playing video games or staying up late at night.

Determining full-time friends:

By getting to know and identifying friends who are free during the summer vacation, you can agree to spend common time with them like going swimming, watching a movie, sitting at home and gossiping with them. It can be achieved by integrating with friends through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

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Practicing Hobbies:

Summer vacation provides time to practice a new hobby or continue a previously popular hobby, which can be used to avoid wasting too much time on the computer, joining a club or sports team, or participating in worthwhile summer lessons and camps. , video games or television throughout the day, and limit them as much as possible by setting a special time of no more than two hours a day.

Family Assistance:

Daily time can be set aside to help parents with extra chores at home, ask them about help they can provide, It should Obligation to do certain things Practices such as maintaining the cleanliness of the private room, putting the laundry in the designated basket, washing dishes after meals, cleaning curtains from stains and dust, cleaning the bathroom after showering, and disposing of garbage.

Yoga Practice:

Join yoga classes during summer vacations and practice yoga and meditation as meditation helps improve creative thinking, increases concentration levels, reduces anxiety and stress, and provides physical balance, mental and physical peace, which makes the soul happy.

*Summer vacation tips

Summer Vacation Tips

Plan a smooth, simple comeback in small steps:

Because of this technology and this extra day, we’re more connected at work than ever before, and more importantly if we can get off our cell phones for at least one day before going back to work. Cleaning out bags, laundry, and an empty fridge can get your kids used to going to bed early again.

Restore normal sleep time:

Insomnia and children go hand in hand, children change their sleep time very easily, this sleep problem can make vacationing with young children more effort than staying at home, if you are at home, all the children’s toys are there. Can drive, unfortunately while in the hotel room, they go out and play.

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While on vacation, adults tend to stay up late and children too, jet lag disrupts sleep because travel fatigue is a natural process your body goes through.

If you want to use a sleep aid to restore your normal sleep time, unfortunately, you will have to stay awake for a day to adjust your day and organize your children’s sleep. Desirable for their own development.

Be realistic about your relationship with your spouse before and after your trip.

Some couples find that marriages on vacation reveal weaknesses in their relationship because people and couples think that their problems will disappear on vacation, but wherever you go, your problems follow you, and for some, the holiday is like Eid. Everything should be perfect, but vacations often fall short of those expectations, so whether your vacation is uneventful or full of fights, you should know that life will return to normal after the vacation, so be prepared to return to normal life. , of course you can make some changes to it, but don’t get your hopes up that you two will get back to the way you knew each other.

Give your daily routine a break:

Did you know that vacations can help a family eat better! Usually you eat out a lot when you’re on vacation, so when you get home everyone is looking forward to a cooked meal. So celebrate as a way to kick-start a plan for home-cooked meals. It was simply a great time Include the best foods in your diet. Don’t forget that you should do some exercise on vacation, apart from contributing to sleep, exercise can help you avoid weight gain caused by long vacation periods.

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Emma Watson enrolled at Oxford University under “special guard”.



Emma Watson enrolled at Oxford University under “special guard”.

British actress Emma Watson (Archive)

Saturday 23 September 2023 / 17:44

Four years after her last acting role, “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson is preparing to study “the art of creative writing” part-time at Oxford University.

She was last seen on screen in 2019’s Little Women

The newspaper quoted “Daily MailA source close to British actress Emma Watson (33 years old) said that she is excited to return to university studies, which will be extended over two years, divided between compulsory attendance at the university and remote lectures.

According to the official website of the university WebsiteThe course costs around $24,000 over two years and consists of two orientation stages, followed by a research placement, at the end of which you will receive a certificate specializing in creative writing.

surrounded by a guard

Sources indicated that Watson would have to be at the university an average of 6 times a year, she would be able to cover the rest of her studies and since she is a Hollywood actress, she would have a work crew. To take care of her. According to the newspaper, the university staff was informed that the actress would attend classes with a small security team for her protection.

Watson’s media office declined to comment on the veracity of reports about her joining the university, insisting it respond to the newspaper’s inquiry with a “no comment.”

Latest creations and latest looks

The 33-year-old actress, best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series, last appeared on screen in 2019’s Little Women directed by Barbie’s Greta Gerwig, based on the 1868 novel of the same name. Famous American writer Louisa May Alcott.

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Emma’s most recent appearance was during Fashion Week in the Italian city of Milan, where she drew attention for her elegant looks and her appearance with two men. Entering her dressing room.

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From Najad Makki to Al-Bayan: Art is a story of passion and innovation that never stops



From Najad Makki to Al-Bayan: Art is a story of passion and innovation that never stops

Artist Najad Maki is a pioneering figure in the Emirati art community. His insight into the fundamental relationship between color and the memories associated with certain places has greatly influenced the depth and diversity of his artistic expressions. He was recently awarded the Knight of the Order of Arts. and Ayesha Alabar Gallery in her second solo exhibition, “Spectres.” Letters of the French Government during the Musket. In his new works for this exhibition, Najad Maki layers layers of colors on top of each other in an attempt to create intense sensory experiences. In her paintings.

This is by challenging the current limitations of color’s impact on our different senses. The artist’s recent works created using fabric include contemporary interpretations and modifications of the dots and paisley designs that usually adorn traditional fabrics. This exhibition is a testament to artist Najad Maki’s bold and innovative approach, whereby he continues to push the boundaries of his practice by exploring new techniques and artistic means.


“Al-Bayan” Dr. Najad Maki met with him about receiving the French Order of Knight in Arts and Letters and said: This honor is very important to me because I am honored by a country in Arts and Letters. Centuries of creativity, it gives great impetus to creativity and I am proud to be from the Emirates. He received this medal, which is one of the most prestigious honors that artists receive.

This confirms that I have represented my country honorably in many international forums and supports my presence in presenting my country as an advanced country in the field of arts and creativity and as a woman with a creative stamp. Najad Maki affirmed that art is always a story of passion and innovation. About his latest exhibition, he said: “Spectres of Musk” exhibition evokes memory.

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There are many situations that we interact with, which have an impact on us. In the works in the exhibition, I combined elements into multi-layered units through color and formal relationships. I also used apartments for the first time in this exhibition. Women’s cloths in particular were preferred by women in the past, and were cloths with names, such as “Al-Zari” and “Al-Maisa” and like a surface for artistic work.

Through this surface, the composition of the work is built on it, and it is a new structure in the form of the work of art or in the general environment. Also, a new direction in how the work uses decorations and symbols. Lines and colors together, if the decorations provide a special privacy among them, thus giving an impression.

This is what happens in the conversations, the exchange of stories when women gather, and another look at the dots, lines, colors and spaces in their composition. They were used as I had in mind. Unusual names were given. Works of art, and the temporal meaning of composition is linked to works of art such as paintings of the four seasons, where I combine the presence and feeling of a woman and the beauty of her clothing. She has an existence, but in a different way.

Creative economy

Dr. Najad stressed that art fairs play a major role in supporting the creative economic movement in Dubai and the country in general by presenting modern ideas. ideas.

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“Freedom of Thought”…a painting that became a famous icon



“Freedom of Thought”…a painting that became a famous icon

Sharjah: Aladdin Mahmood

American painter Norman Rockwell, “1894-1978”, gained great fame as he is considered one of the greatest artists. He was born on the West Side of Manhattan and showed creative talent from his childhood as his mother observed. The first drawings of warships at the outbreak of the Spanish-American War, a sign of a strong future talent, indeed, his father had a literary sense, and he read many and varied books, especially the classic works and novels of the author Charles Dickens. He would read aloud to the family, and Rockwell Junior enjoyed drawing characters from novels he imagined in his mind and turning them into drawings.

Because of his passion for drawing, Rockwell attended the Chase School of Applied Arts during his high school years, which was open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In his final year of high school, he decided to drop out. Studying “hard,” he enrolled at the National Academy of Design, which qualified him, he enrolled in art college and got what he wanted in 1910. Later, his work matured and became widely distributed. Among the public, they appeared on birthday cards and official American events. He was offered the position of director of a magazine associated with the Boy Scouts of America, which he accepted, and Rockwell introduced him into his life. Many works of art and timeless paintings. .

The painting “Freedom of Expression” is one of Rockwell’s most important works, painted in oil colors, and is the first of his other works to focus on the goals and slogans known as the “Four Freedoms”. Franklin Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, expressed the artist’s preferences and belonged to his movement. The artist, the undisputed artist of the American people in the 20th century, adopted a simple method of recording his thoughts, observations and writings. He occupied the throne of this popular art specialty, known as illustration, and was concerned with the printed illustration, often executed in a realistic, exploratory style, and the rules of art and universal skills were very complete. And it becomes a work with all the characteristics of fine art. As with many of Rockwell’s works, it may reach the quality of fine museum art, which he enlarged in oil colors in the finest form of fine art. The artist reached the peak of his genius in the fifties and sixties of the last century, when his paintings, monopolized by the international magazines “Saturday Evening” and “Shahid”, were printed in millions. On their covers, later many art and media were simultaneously published in posters, folders, books and cards, as well as through specialized companies, and in this way, many of the artist’s works were printed. , which increased his popularity. His paintings have been described as conscious, intelligent snapshots, popular wisdom and proverbs, and this painting belongs to the conscience of the people as much as to “freedom of opinion”.

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This painting is part of a series of paintings inspired by President Franklin Roosevelt’s 1941 address to the nation in which he spoke about human rights, called the Four Freedoms of Speech, and included the 4 basic freedoms a person should enjoy: (Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Belief, Freedom of Demand and freedom from fear) and these should be enjoyed by every human being in the world, and the President of the United States at the time believed that these freedoms formed the basis of an office. -War World Order Roosevelt summed up the democratic values ​​behind America’s bipartisan consensus, and this famous passage from the speech exemplifies these values: “For men do not live by bread alone, so they do not fight by arms alone,” in the second half of the speech on economic opportunity, employment It details the benefits of democracy such as opportunity, social security, “adequate health care,” and of the four freedoms, the only two freedoms described in the United States Constitution are freedom of expression and freedom of worship, while the meaning of the four freedoms was eventually incorporated into the Atlantic Charter and the United Nations Charter.


The speech had a great influence on intellectuals, artists and creatives, including Rockwell, who transformed the meanings and ideas of the speech into 4 paintings, considered icons in America, which were published in the magazine in 1943. “Saturday Evening,” along with an essay showing and clarifying works written by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Booth Tarkington, in addition to many other well-known authors. These works were converted into posters and stamps. Popular, the artist was celebrated by experts and the public until he was named the leader of popular art, and his paintings and works of art were widely accepted as a symbol.

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The painting “Freedom of Thought” depicts a scene of a meeting in a small local town. The picture shows a man named Jim Edgerton, who is giving a speech to the people in the town where the old school was burned down. He wanted to build a new one in its place, and after the meeting, Edgerton gave a speech to the working-class youth because he was a “blue-collar” person. That is, working people. He appears in the painting wearing a patterned shirt and deerskin jacket, his hands are dirty and his skin is darker than the other participants, while the others wear white shirts, ties and jackets. Although they appear more elegant than the speaker, they are more interested in the speech. Edgerton portrays Gill in the painting. Young people, he looks younger than the rest of the audience, and he stands tall with an open mouth and bright eyes. Or perhaps his fears were overshadowed by the political victories and class victories achieved in that era. rights.


This pose of the young speaker has multiple meanings, and some critics point out that Edgerton is depicted in this painting as being too close to US President Abraham Lincoln. Bruce Cole, writer and editor of the Wall Street Journal, notes that the subject of the pre-speech meeting in the painting is discussing the city’s annual report, while the art Critic John Updike pointed out that the work was painted. Without any pictorial brush, the critic Robert Scholes says the work shows the speaker’s deep interest and admiration for the public.

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