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Microsoft is developing new Xbox advertising technology for games


Screenshot of Fortnite characters viewing a blank billboard with the Xbox logo.

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Would you raise your hand if you were interested in seeing more ads on your favorite video games? I did not see any hand. Well, the bad news is: Microsoft is developing an advertising campaign to give ads the ability to buy “selected brands.” Xbox Games. While the report claims that Microsoft and Xbox players are careful to “cheer up” or disrupt games, it is unlikely that most people will enjoy watching game ads.

Interested in business Reports Microsoft wants to work with advertising technology companies to create a system that allows brands and advertisers to buy ads and place them on free Xbox games. From the inside They are said to be involved in the planning and current negotiations of the program.

According to these sources, advertisements for open betting or adventure sports may appear as digital billboards. However, it is currently unknown whether these free ads will appear in any other format or include video or audio. Interested in business He also could not confirm whether Microsoft and Xbox have started promoting advertisers and brands on the new advertising platform. Regardless, it is expected to launch in the third quarter of this year.

A Microsoft spokesman said கொட்டகு While it is “always looking for ways to enhance the experience for players and developers”, the company has nothing else to share about the reported advertising system.

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As pointed out Interested in businessMicrosoft sells limited advertising space on its consoles through dashboard ads and some game advertising deals through third parties. However, this new project is an attempt to expand to several brands of Microsoft and Xbox, which are looking for ways to advertise to a growing gaming audience, many of whom are younger, less likely to watch cable, and harder to access. It is also suggested that Microsoft seek to attract developers who can play for free X-Box Using these ads.

Interestingly, Microsoft is obviously very concerned about annoying gamers who are not expecting ads on console games. This led to a more cautious approach, in an attempt to ensure that ads were not disabled while playing the game, creating a “private marketplace” that only select brands could access.

Of course, this is not the first time we’ve seen companies trying to push ads on video games. Teasingly, Saints Row 2 I have already tried to do everything “real world billboards” It was a very fun and exciting experience. But as games that can be played for free on consoles get bigger and bigger, it becomes more and more difficult to advertise to younger players using current methods, and it is not surprising to see companies looking to place ads on more and more video games.

Since the consoles are closed gardens, mods or hacks are not easily accessible, which means you can not just install an ad blocker to hide these ads when you visit. கொட்டகு.

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