April 1, 2023

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Microsoft is renaming the Xbox Pass subscription services

Microsoft is renaming the Xbox Pass subscription services

Re Microsoft According to an engagement report, the Xbox Game Pass for PC is now the only PC Game Pass, with the name of one of its own game subscription services.

This step helps to avoid some confusion because Xbox GamePass is a separate program with a different library of games, and it should be clear that playing games on a PC program is not required on consoles.

The Xbox Game Pass has more than 100 console games, the Xbox Game Studios games merge on launch day, and the PC Game Pass has a selection of games including first-class titles and access to EA Play.

Meanwhile, GamePass Ultimate offers the best in both worlds, including access to PC and console games, Xbox Live Gold (which requires console players to get free multiplayer titles that are not free to play), EA Play, and cloud games.

However, the PC GamePass logo still has the Xbox icon, which clarifies the connection between Xbox and Microsoft, but some may still call it the “Xbox PC Game Boss” which, meanwhile, revealed some of the games that are coming to Microsoft PC. Game Boss on Release Day: Sniper Elite 5, Pigeon Simulator, cool-looking samurai from Trek to Yomi and the unannounced Hugecalf Studios game.

Also, for a limited time, YouTube Premium members can get PC Game Pass for free for three months. 9to5 As Google points out, Google sends invitations via email to subscribers. The offer will only be available to the US until the end of this year.

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