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Microsoft mistakenly offered Windows 11 upgrades to unsupported computers


Al-Youm newspaper translated its significance, according to The Verge site, that Microsoft again mistakenly issued a new update to the Windows 11 operating system for computers that were not supported by the physical capabilities to run the computer. contents.

The bug was discovered this time by the tech account Phantom Ocean 3 on social networking site Twitter. Microsoft pointed out the error, noting that it occurred when the company issued an explanatory ad to address the system’s presentation requirements on unsupported devices.

Microsoft’s answer

Microsoft has tried to rectify the matter by saying that computers that do not meet the minimum requirements for Windows 11 cannot complete the new update.

In its response, Microsoft clarified that what happened with the updates was that some ineligible devices running Windows 10 did not meet the minimum requirements to run Windows 11, and the devices that encountered this issue were unable to complete the installation process of the critical update.

Similar problems

Microsoft faced a similar problem last year when it offered to upgrade (Windows 11) to computers that were not officially supported. But what’s surprising is that this accidental accident and mistake by a large American company actually allowed many users and their unsupported computers to receive the update.

Analysts say Microsoft’s accidental error once again highlights the minimum hardware requirements for users, making updates to Microsoft’s latest operating system controversial.

Windows 11 requirements

Windows 11 officially requires very powerful CPUs, with some exceptions, 8th generation Intel iAuth Gen Coffee Lake or ZEN 2 or higher.

But this is not the whole truth of solutions, because there are unofficial solutions and easy ways to install Windows 11 on CPUs that do not support it, but Microsoft follows otherwise.

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Additional improvements

This latest bug comes a few weeks before viewers expect Microsoft to introduce some additional improvements in Windows 11.

In an update referred to internally as Microsoft Moment 2, The Verge reports that the company is preparing to add a full search box to the taskbar, improve search in the Start menu and add a tablet-optimized taskbar.

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