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Microsoft Paint finally looks like a Photoshop competitor


Microsoft continues to add improvements to its Paint program, and the company has announced an exciting new feature similar to how Photoshop, the most popular design and image editing program among professionals, works.

Microsoft is moving to make its legendary Messenger software for Windows a useful tool for true creatives by bringing some important design features, today revealing the arrival of one of Photoshop’s essential features.

Via the official blog, Microsoft announced the arrival of the Layers feature as part of an update that will be released for testing by Windows Insiders.

Microsoft says that the new update will bring the layer feature known among designers, which allows to display a transparent background, and these features have long been common editing basics in Photoshop from Adobe, which is a very important part of editing designs or images. .

Microsoft Paint

The interesting thing about the Paint project is that it is completely free, and like Photoshop and its competitors, there are no signs of turning it into a paid version to launch projects with subscriptions.

In the new version of Paint, users can use the basic functionality needed to work with layers (add new layers, move, rearrange, merge, copy, etc.) to create advanced works of art using photo elements and designs.

Another key part of this update is support for transparent backgrounds, which includes support for opening and saving transparent PNG files without a background – this pairs well with the Layers feature and makes for better image editing.

Notably, the news comes after reports were confirmed that Microsoft is testing adding features to the Paint program using artificial intelligence, the most important of which is the ability to design images by writing text and describing what’s needed.

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Updates to the Paint program are expected to arrive with Microsoft’s next update to Windows 11, and according to recent reports, it could be this September or November at the latest.

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