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Mirna Nouridin and Naheed El Sebai Exquisite in the Mediterranean .. 10 Clips for Survival


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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Produced by Honey Sauber:

Many art stars in the last 24 hours are eager to share their special moments with fans through their official accounts on social media.

Masrawy shows you 10 clips of art stars in 24 hours:

Mirna Noordeen

The artist, Mirna Nooruddin, appeared in the middle of the sea, in a recent look through her account on Instagram, and the photo was praised by her followers.

Iman al-Asi

The artist, Iman al-Assi, through his account on Instagram, appeared to be holding a camera in his hand and commented, “Believe in problems.”

Shata Hassan

Artist Shada Hason posted a new photo of herself in the middle of the garden on her account on Instagram, adding: “Happiness may be a moment in life, but contentment is life and all its joys.”

Carmen Sleeman

The artist, Carmen Suleiman, revealed his latest appearance in Morocco through his account on Instagram, and commented: “(Asila) city … jewelry in the north of Morocco.”

Talia Mustafa

The artist, Talia Mostafa, appeared in a new photo taken by her husband through her account on Instagram and commented that it was “a photo of artist Sheriff Salama”.

Nahed El Seboy

The artist, Nahid El Seboy, appeared on Instagram with an elegant look and commented: “If actions do not prove the truth of words, words are nothing but lies.”

Stephanie Saliba

Artist Stephanie Saliba posted a picture of herself next to a horse on her Instagram account, commenting, “I’m true of tigers, but I agree with horses.”

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Diana Carson

Artist Diana Carroson, with her account on Instagram, appeared elegant and commented: “Be generous, but do not allow anyone to exploit you, give love without trusting anyone, trust your heart, but do not be naive. , Listen to what others have to say, but do not lose your identity .. Pay close attention to yourself to the extent that it does not allow you to break, watch your mood, thought and calmness, do not allow noise to break your consistency or frustration. Prevents your project.

Nadine Nasip Enzyme

Artist Nadine Nasib Najeem posted a picture of herself with a baby on her Instagram account and commented: “Me and me … a love story … everything you see is sleeping between Idia.”

Hassan al-Rattad

The artist, Hassan al-Radat, appeared on Instagram wearing glasses in his latest appearance: “Sunglasses .. Allows you to see people without being arrested .. It’s like Facebook in real life.”

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