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Scientists have confirmed that the dinosaur level fell from a fish with a dangerous blow


According to the research and studies conducted by many scientists of the last century, the country where the first and last animal was established on earth lasting more than 200 million years, the vast “dinosaur country” fell in a deadly blow. In 66 million BC an asteroid from space struck the northern coast of the state of Yucatan in Mexico invisibly over its famous Gulf, from where, in the last spring of its history, the dinosaur era came to an end.

Only after a team of scientists recently hired a fish did a team of scientists from the University of Vrije in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, and their colleagues discover that the most dangerous thing to hit Earth was in the spring. University of the same name in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. These include scientists from the University of Uppsala in Uppsala, Sweden, and others from the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble, in southern France.

The team published its study in the prestigious scientific journal Nature, which said it had reached its conclusion by finding fossil fossils of fish known as “sturgeon” or asipenceride in the state of North Dakota in the United States. The carbon isotope changes in their vertebrae and fossil bones, millions of which died an hour after the asteroid collision, the power of which created huge waves that moved the sediment and swallowed the fish and buried them alive.

Death in the spring surprised her

The team found that the fossils of these fish had been preserved in the first place, and that their senses showed no signs of chemical transformation. As it is. According to Melanie Durin, a Dutch scientist at the University of Uppsala in Sweden who was the primary author of the study, the team also studied how her emotions and bones developed to “find the time of her death”.

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In the study, carbon isotope data on the growth of “sturgeon” fish confirm that the feeding season did not reach its peak during the asteroid impact “because death in the spring surprised it.” Analysis of fish by carbon isotopes to reveal its annual diet, the availability of plankton animals they prefer to eat peaks between spring and summer.

From thorns and bones, scientists have come to the season that marks the beginning of the extinction of the dinosaurs.

The team members’ findings could “help reveal the cause of most dinosaur deaths, while birds and early mammals were able to escape extinction,” said scientist Melanie, which is found elsewhere on Studies “Available online.” Also keep in mind that some types of crocodiles, turtles, rodents, insects and vermin were able to survive, although the asteroid killed most of them by blocking, moving and floating and blocking sunlight for more than two years. Unbearable snow prevailed from the fiery smoke that devoured the greenery and land.

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