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Mistake is prohibited and competition is a legitimate right


In the “Premier League” (Getty) a fierce confrontation awaits between the stars

You will be a fan Football The British are waiting for a summit between Manchester United and Manchester UnitedCity of Manchester This evening, Sunday at the Al-Etihad Stadium in the city’s Derby, as part of the 28th round of the “Premier League” Championship, the two-part summit, because its result is very important. Both parties.

The significance of today’s Manchester derby is that Manchester City can not bleed to any point because Liverpool will jump on it and snatch the lead from it, while if there is any setback for Manchester United it will be a strong blow to its ambition to qualify for the spot. Champions League next season.

The historical superiority of United

In all domestic competitions, Manchester United are better than their rivals Manchester City in the historic clash. .

In the English Premier League, the two teams have faced each other in 153 games (Manchester City won 46, 59 wins for City, 48 matches ended in a tie), with “United” having the most attacking heels. 265 of 253 goals scored for City in all local clashes. .

Mistake is prohibited and competition is a legitimate right

Despite the technical differences between the two teams, Manchester City and Manchester United have the right to compete in the clash that unites them at “Al-Ittihad” ground.

In matches like this, there is a margin for making dangerous mistakes on the field by wasting goal opportunities or defensive errors spending the goal, and such mistakes are prohibited at the Manchester Derby summit on Sunday evening. Because any mistake at this point in the season can be costly, especially as the competition enters the last ten stages.

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