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Miyamoto is not a fan of Zelda: Wind Walker's art style

Miyamoto is not a fan of Zelda: Wind Walker’s art style

Miyamoto is not a fan of Zelda: Wind Walker’s art style

Photo: Nintendo

If the art style is not sold immediately The Legend of Zelda: Wind AwakeDo not feel bad. New ‘Do you know gamesTranslation of a Nintendo dream The mid-2000s magazine revealed how the creator of Mario, Shikeru Miyamoto, was not a fan of Doon Link or any other aesthetic and shadowy Windwaker animation.

According to the maker of the Zelda series, Miyamoto had a hard time deviating from the idea of ​​a realistic art style until the end of the game’s development cycle – EG Ionuma, who was the director of Wind Walker at the time. When Link first sees WindWaker, he appears to have “shrunk” saying he will not be sold.

Here is Onuma’s side of the story – reveals how the team hid everything from Miyamoto to start the project:

Onuma: “If I had talked to him from the beginning, how would Zelda have been?”

“At one point, it was [Miyamoto] He was forced to give up a chance against his will. So that said something [to me] “You know, it’s never too late to change course and create a realistic Zelda.”

Miyamoto was not really happy with the result, but had no choice but to get this new look due to the time constraints and the fact that it could take the team ’10 years to build a real looking Zelda game.

This is the most realistic “next generation” show about the series in the lifetime of GameCube Twilight Princess, Which also appeared as a release title on the Wii. However, before this game and the Wind Walker, Zelda’s early memories on the GameCube can be associated with glory. Show space technology Since 2000.

It was pointed out in the same video (below) that Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda’s initial rendering on GameCube was to improve the graphics in the game. Ukraine Time And this Moora mask Leads to a prototype (in the same visual style of these games).

Eventually, Doon Link was born, although Miyamoto was not initially a fan of it – the new look inspired by the animation “Watch Childhood” was loved by others in the group, especially the 1971 film. Animal Treasure Island.

What are your thoughts on Wind Walker art style? Are you a fan of hers? Tell me below.

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