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Mohamed Bin Saeed University of Artificial Intelligence Introduces Administration Program for Public and Private Sector Officials


Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

Mohammed bin Saeed University of Artificial Intelligence, a research university for postgraduate study specializing in artificial intelligence research, has announced the launch of an “Management Program at the Mohammed Bin Saeed University of Artificial Intelligence” designed to support government and private sector officials. UAE Smart Management and Work Benefit from Artificial Intelligence capabilities to ensure high performance and productivity improvement, thus creating economic value and enhancing positive social impact.
The program was launched this year and includes six courses offered in addition to elite experts in international educational institutions, senior executives of leading international institutions, and university faculty. The project aims to enhance the level of communication, communication and dialogue between government agencies, the private sector and the scientific community in the use of artificial intelligence to support its long-term strategy of contributing and coordinating the future growth of sectors in the UAE. Its leadership in the field of artificial intelligence.

UAE status
At the event, His Excellency Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Advanced Technology and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Mohammed Bin Saeed Artificial Intelligence University, said: Mohammed bin Saeed Artificial University will lead the United Arab Emirates in the 2019 position of focus on technology and innovation at the forefront of contributing to the design of aspects of the global economy. Intelligence covers. (Management Program of the Mohammed Bin Saeed University for Artificial Intelligence) Launched today reaffirms this consistent goal.
He added: “In addition to specialized scientific research, this goal requires comprehensive cooperation between all stakeholders, including government agencies, the private sector, investors, the scientific community and the general public. We are pleased to launch the Management Plan and decision makers in various fields will benefit from the benefits of artificial intelligence to create a successful future for their companies and organizations. “
His Excellency said: “Artificial intelligence is a cornerstone of the United Arab Emirates’ economic development agenda, especially as it provides vast opportunities for the development of existing sectors and paves the way for a wide range of new business models and innovative technologies (Mohamed Bin Saeed University’s Management Plan for Artificial Intelligence for All Economics Sector). We believe in that, and we agree with the United Arab Emirates’ commitment to advancing the growth of the national economy and the use of artificial intelligence. “

  • Professor Daniela Rose
    Professor Daniela Rose

Forums for discussion
The management program allows forum forums, interactive models, opportunities for networking and relationship development, traditional courses, and participants, Professor Eric Jing, to communicate with some bright minds in the fields of artificial intelligence. Mohamed bin Saeed University of Artificial Intelligence and Sir Michael Brady, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Oncology at the University of Oxford, Professor Daniela Rose, Director of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT in the United States, and Professor Michael Jordan of the Department of Computer Science and Electronics at the University of California, Berkeley Professor and Dr. Guy Foley, President and CEO of Synovation Technologies and President of its Artificial Intelligence Agency.

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Knowledge development

  •     Professor Eric Jing, President of Mohammed Bin Saeed University of Artificial Intelligence
    Professor Eric Jing, President of Mohammed Bin Saeed University of Artificial Intelligence

For his part, Professor Eric Jing, President of the University of Artificial Intelligence Mohammed bin Saeed, said: “Improving executives’ knowledge of technologies and processes supported by artificial intelligence can help build efficiency and maintain advanced status in a variety of areas, including health, agriculture, energy, urban development, transportation, and so on. To enhance the United Arab Emirates’ contribution to the development of security and other future sectors, officials in the public and private sectors need to gain knowledge and expertise in the field of artificial intelligence, and I believe that the University of Artificial Intelligence) will provide these authorities with competitive capabilities to support their duties.

  • Professor Michael Jordan
    Professor Michael Jordan

Senior Official Support
The program is designed to support senior executives in the public and private sectors: Deputy Ministers, Assistant Secretaries, Administrators, IT Leaders, and officials in various departments and fields who are interested in learning about the concepts and capabilities of artificial intelligence.
The first group of the project will include 40 executives who will attend 12-week online training sessions, in addition to several seminars on the dimensions of artificial intelligence in the fields of business, ethics and decision-making. The last date for registration is October 7, 2021 and work will begin on October 23, 2021.
The project’s six courses include: “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence,” “The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Mechanism in Economics,” “Intelligence and Visual Vision,” “Intelligence and Linguistic Concept,” “The Future of Robotics” and “Artificial Intelligence Protocol and Policy Development.” ⁇

  • Dr. K. Foley
    Dr. K. Foley

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