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Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center: 8 main areas of the Lunar Space Station


The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center revealed that the lunar space station, which the United Arab Emirates is participating in establishing and developing, consists of 8 main areas, which are the “Logistics Unit,” the International Residential Unit “iHub,” the “Emirates Gateway,” “Canada ARM 3,” and the platform. Halo housing. and Logistics Services, in addition to the BPE Unit, the European Refueling System Services Division and the Orion Space Shuttle.

Scientific experiments

The center noted that the logistics wing will house the payload and science experiments before the astronauts go to the moon, and will serve as a laboratory where science experiments will be conducted. The astronauts will be supported by various cameras and systems and will be designed by ESA.

The station's airlock, which will be designed and built by the United Arab Emirates in collaboration with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, will have an exiting entrance in addition to its role in carrying astronauts on space missions and sending scientific research to the station. Ensuring parking of vehicles with station.

The Canada Arm 3 robotic arm, supplied by the Canadian Space Agency, will be responsible for assisting astronauts in conducting science experiments and spacewalks, while the BBE unit will serve as the command and communications center for the portal. The Center for the Lunar Space Station, the “European Refueling System Service” division is responsible for refueling the “BBE” unit and the spacecraft through the fuel tanks it contains.

Housing units

As for the “Halo” housing and logistics services unit, it will be a miniature housing unit that will house a pressurized operational storage unit, and will be responsible for carrying the “Orion” spacecraft to the lunar station. , and the vehicle will also carry the International Housing Division. For the “iHub” station, it needs to be connected to the “Halo” housing and logistics services platform.

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