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Mohammed bin Rashid supports the “billion campaign” with 400 million foods


Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, has announced the successful outcome of the “One Billion Food” initiative, reaching its goal of providing one billion meals to the poor. The campaign reveals the true values ​​of the people of the United Arab Emirates in helping those in need.

His Highness revealed the success of the campaign in collecting 600 million foods and the provision of 400 million foods to complete the billion food. Children, refugees, displaced people and groups vulnerable to disasters and crises around the world.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said in a tweet on Twitter yesterday: “Thank God, we have completed the campaign with 600 million meals (Billion Meals) donated by companies, organizations, entrepreneurs and 320,000 individuals. Today, we announce our personal support for the campaign to complete the billion with 400 million meals. We ask God to accept fasting, recitation of the Quran and food from us and you during this holy month.

His Highness added: “The Billion Meals campaign highlights the true values ​​of the people of the Emirates, and their sense of the suffering of others in the midst of the food conditions and challenges facing the world. Thanks to everyone.

The United Arab Emirates supports the needy, helps the bankrupt, supports the weak and hungry everywhere, and its initiatives support humanity, benefit humanity, and invest in people for a decent life and a better future.

With the contribution of 320,868 donors, the “One Billion Foods” initiative has reached its goals within a month after accelerating its record of targeting food delivery in 50 countries worldwide, and the presence of individuals, organizations, government contributions and private sector companies, merchants and philanthropists in the Emirates. , Through the website, bank account, text messages and call center of the initiative.

The “Nobel Number” Foundation auction for famous numbers in Dubai reached 53 million dirhams for the “One Billion Meals” effort, followed by the “Nobel Number” auction for 111 million dirhams in support of the Abu Dhabi Police initiative. In person and online.

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Quality events that supported this initiative also played a key role in achieving the goals in record time, including bidding for government agencies, institutions, schools and educational institutions and the “One Million Food Campaign”.

In achieving the goals of the campaign, there is an extensive social interaction at various levels with personal and corporate donations and moral support through digital sites and social media and the launch of the initial distribution of food and food parcels in 13 countries.

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, General Secretary of Global Initiatives Mohammed Abdullah Al Kherkavi, stressed that the achievement of the “Billion Meals” initiative confirms its position as the global capital of the United Arab Emirates within a month. Helps extend a beacon of charity and humanitarian work, as well as relief efforts. For needy groups around the world, regardless of race, color, gender or creed.

He said the record results, which exceeded expectations for the “Billion Meals” campaign, confirm the guidance and support of Sheikh Mohammed under the leadership of UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Saeed Al Nahyan. Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al Nahyan, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his brother, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commander of the Armed Forces, continues to advance its humanity. Global work as a useful contributor to international efforts to address and overcome humanitarian challenges, and through its continued commitment to provide full support to humanitarian issues in the region and around the world.

He said the “Billion Meals” campaign and other humanitarian initiatives launched by the United Arab Emirates were a continuation of the legacy of the late Sheikh Saeed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father and pioneer of charity and humanitarian work. Anma established a unique approach and a unique approach to promoting aspects of the mission. The provision of foods associated with the holy month of Ramadan each year has grown from 10 million meals two years ago to 100 million meals a year, and in the past, has expanded to one billion meals this year. Beneficiaries, Whites and Beneficiaries.

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“His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s contribution to the completion of billions of meals is an example of the co-operation between the leadership and the Emirati people. The deeper meanings of goodness, inspiration and solidarity with people and communities in need. “

Al-Gergawi stressed that the campaign achieved its goals within a month, reflecting the depth of the values ​​of generosity, generosity and generosity rooted in the minds and consciences of the UAE community because it is an inherent Emirati culture. Without the support and guidance of the leadership and the efforts of the campaign partners of national organizations, organizations and institutions, the campaign would not have achieved these milestones.

The “Billion Meals” initiative collaborates with international, regional and local partners such as the World Food Program, the Network of Regional Food Banks, the Emirates Food Bank, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and charities, humanitarian and social work associations. To deepen the positive impact of this initiative in the countries covered by the initiative, it is expanding the circle of individuals it connects with assistance, assistance and human solidarity.

Collaborative efforts

The “One Million Meals Campaign” organized by Emirates Food Bank in support of the “Billion Meals” initiative, with its partners from hotels, has collected more than one million meals and succeeded in reaching its goal in two weeks. Restaurants and supermarkets in the country.

Auction betting

Tender betting for government agencies, institutions, schools and educational institutions has contributed to the provision of institutional support and the creation of a comprehensive social movement for the “Billion Meals” initiative, which has become very popular and has raised the number of donations for it through digital wallets. Participants in the race, and its outcome was supportive of the initiative through the Grudfunding site.

Sustainable social finance

The “One Billion Food” initiative, the largest in the region, reflects the values ​​of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiative, which aims to involve individuals and organizations, from all walks of life, in charitable and humanitarian work. Focusing on sustainable community funding to provide elements of food support and food security to the most needy groups in the United Arab Emirates and around the world, it has opened the door to participation in a comprehensive social movement aimed at weaving a web of food security. For those who have not figured out what to feed their lives.

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Food Safety Web

The contributions of individual donors, organizations, economic events and businesses to the “One Billion Food” initiative are hundreds of millions of foods, including the 220 million foods achieved by the “100 Million Foods” campaign. Was able to weave a food safety net for the poor around the world.

Mohammed Ben Rachet:

“The (Billion Meals) campaign reflects the true values ​​of the people of the Emirates and their perception of the plight of others in the midst of food conditions and challenges facing the world.”

“The United Arab Emirates is a supporter of the needy, a supporter of the bankrupt, and a supporter of the weak and hungry everywhere.”

“I thank everyone who has contributed, participated, promoted and been involved in the largest humanitarian campaign in the history of the country to provide food in 50 countries around the world.”

எண்ணிக்கை எண்ணிக்கை The number of donors is 320,868 donors .. and 31 million dirhams has been added to the list of major donors (Mohammed bin Rashid Charity).

No «(Noble Number) Foundation Auctions for Special Numbers Supported the initiative for over 111 million dirhams in Abu Dhabi and over 53 million dirhams in Dubai.

“Initial distribution of food items and food parcels begins in 13 countries”.

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