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Mohammed bin Rashid unveils law to regulate peace in Dubai Emirate



Mohammed bin Rashid unveils law to regulate peace in Dubai Emirate

As Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, has issued Law No. (18) 2021, which regulates conciliation work in the Emirate of Dubai. Encouraging a culture of smooth settlement of disputes through compromise, and encouraging the adoption of alternative ways of resolving disputes between disputed parties and improving the continuity of contractual relations and business and civil projects between individuals and entities, facilitating consensus and consensus between them , Guarantees the confidentiality of dispute resolution procedures.

The provisions of the Act shall apply to the Center for the Settlement of Disputes established by Act No. 16 of 2009 and to any person engaged in reconciliation work in civil and commercial matters conducted by the Reformer.

According to the law, the Central Government is entitled to decide the disputes determined by the decision of the President of the Dubai Court, regardless of their nature or value, taking into account the disputes agreed upon by the parties considered by the Center. Cases, during review and under any circumstances, cases that decide to send them to the center. Based on the agreement of the cases.

By law, the law defines the procedures for outsourcing work practices and its capabilities at the center for the conciliatory settlement of disputes, in addition to the presiding responsibilities of the first case court overseeing the center. Appointing one or more judges from the courts for the first time to oversee the conciliation process, approving conciliation agreements and resolving disputes referred to him in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

By law a committee called the “Reform Affairs Committee” consists of the chairman and vice-chairman of the committee and several other members of the Dubai Court by decision of its director. Center for Dispute Resolution for Authorization of Government and Other Institutions to Engage in Reconciliation Work at the Emirate.

The Committee on Reform is concerned with deciding on the requests to update the record of private reformers in the register in accordance with the terms and procedures to be determined by the decision issued by the Director of the Dubai Court in this regard. Violations and complaints filed by public sector employees against reformers and registrars against private reformers and authorized parties, as well as parties and private reformers to review and take appropriate action against employees, and to approve disputes relating to parties to the reformer’s contract agreement; To that end, a registry has been set up at the Dispute Resolution Center to register reforms that will be determined by a decision issued by the Director of the Dubai Court in this regard, including employees of public sector entities and private reformers, and its form and data to be included therein.

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The law specifies the conditions under which anyone who registers must meet these requirements, including: Must be a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, and the Director of the Dubai Courts may exempt foreigners from this condition from at least four holders. Must have experience in the field of Reconciliation or any field related to dispute resolution in the State, and have a Bachelor’s degree in Law, Sharia and Law, or any other specialized Certificate or one of the Universities or Institutions recognized in the State of Dubai or the Emirate and recognized for their integrity, impartiality, fairness and objectivity. He successfully passes the courses, tests and interviews prescribed by the Correctional Affairs Committee, and pays the prescribed fee for registration. The law defines the registration procedures for registration, and its period is one year, renewable for the same period, and the renewal application must be submitted within thirty days of the end of the registration period, and in accordance with the terms and conditions approved by the Director of the Dubai Court by a decision issued by him in this regard which will be considered in the renewal application.

The law defines the conditions and procedures for granting licenses to accredited entities, in addition to the obligations of the federal or accredited agency or individual entity to resolve conflicts by compromise in accordance with the provisions of the Bonding Act for accredited entities, the most important of which are: placing the permit in a prominent place that is easy to see, and notifying the Committee And thirty days from the date of the correction within any amendment or permission data to them, and the registration of disputes and conciliation agreements in the electronic system prepared at the conciliation settlement center, in which disputes submitted for conciliation are concluded, and the conciliation agreement concluded between the parties in dispute and the proceedings in this regard by the Center In accordance with the prescribed procedures and procedures, it was taken to incorporate them into the administrative form, and there The authorized authority is also obliged to keep a special record with it. The conciliation work it has undertaken, the conciliation agreements it has concluded, the equipment required to submit the names and services of the disputed parties, the issuance of records and documents and the documents for the period of peace agreements, documents and related matters are determined by the Director of the Dubai Court in accordance with his decisions in this regard, in addition to which are not recorded in the register Do not seek the help of any person to work as a repairman.

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The law states that Dubai courts are not allowed to register any cases that fall within the jurisdiction of the Center, except that they are submitted to the Center or a government agency or an authorized body. A fair decision must be made directly by the judge, according to which the case may be concluded or referred to a competent court.

The disputed party may appeal against the decision of the competent judge provided by law, within fifteen days from the date of its publication or, if it came, or from the date of the notice. 1992 Federal Civil Procedures No. In accordance with the procedures established for the consideration of grievances, it will be decided by the final judgment of the case and is not subject to appeal. Terms and Conditions Requests are filed in accordance with established procedures and rules for appellate decisions and judgments.

Law No. (18) of 2021 replaces Law No. (16) of 2009. (18) 2021, and the results published in the implementation of the Act will continue to be implemented. No.

Compromise procedures

In addition to the rules and procedures for conciliation, the law states that the conciliation consultant must administer the conciliation session and come forward to resolve the dispute by calling the parties involved. Prior approval of the disputed parties was sought to reach a compromise with the disputed parties and to bring their views closer to a settlement conciliatory to the dispute.

By law, the reformer may seek the assistance of experts in technical and technical matters, if the dispute has the prior approval of the parties, the reformer must be an expert in the matter and have time to complete it within this period for another similar period, unless the disputed parties agree to a different period.

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Peace agreement

By law, reconciliation is established between disputed parties under the Reconciliation Agreement, and it must be clearly written, and the full name of the disputed parties, their legal representatives, their nationality, their place of residence or their place of work, and the Reconciliation Agreement may conclude final and binding agreements for its parties. Country. The conclusion of the Reconciliation Agreement concludes the case between the disputed parties in the matter concerned, and neither party to the dispute may re-submit the same matter before the Judiciary.

The Reconciliation Agreement must be written in Arabic, entered into the system for approval by a competent judge, and may be translated into a foreign language if both languages ​​are in a corresponding editor. Approved by a legal translator licensed by competent authorities in the State, and in the event of a conflict between the Arabic text and foreign texts, any party to the dispute may consult with whom he wishes to review the draft before signing the peace agreement.

The new law promotes contractual relations and the continuation of business and civil projects between individuals and companies by resolving disputes.

Ensuring quick resolution of disputes, facilitating their procedures and providing a work environment that guarantees the confidentiality of dispute resolution procedures.

The “Center for Dispute Resolution” is concerned with examining and deciding the disputes determined by the decision of the President of the Dubai Courts.

In addition to the duties of the Chief Justice of the Court of First Instance, the law defines the procedures for outsourcing work procedures and its capabilities at the Dispute Resolution Center.

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Emirati leadership in “space”… 50 international and emerging companies and 5 research centers



Emirati leadership in “space”… 50 international and emerging companies and 5 research centers

Abu Dhabi – WAM

The UAE’s space industry plays a key role in supporting the national economy, enhancing the country’s attractiveness for investments and highlighting global capabilities and innovation in the sector.

In a short period of time, the UAE has succeeded in building a pioneering space industry regionally and globally, which includes more than 50 international and emerging space companies, institutions and facilities, five research centers for space science and three university programs. A qualified workforce of graduates in space science should lead the sector towards further growth.

The following report reviews the most important achievements of the UAE’s space economy at the “World Space Week 2023” event from October 4 to 10 under the theme “Space and Entrepreneurship”. pillar in the nation’s journey for the next fifty years.

The results of the recently announced Space Economic Survey for 2021 show that total spending on the national space industry increased by 6.61% over the previous year, while government spending totaled 55.7%, an increase of 12.7%. % in 2020, and business spending accounted for 44.3% of the sector’s total spending.

The survey showed that expenditure on research and development increased by 14.8%. Spending on research and development in the aerospace sector accounts for 76.8% of the total, and Emirati workers account for 38.5% of the country’s aerospace workforce. The results of the survey also show the participation of Emirati youth with a rate of 59.2% among young workers.

The results of the survey show that 54.4% of companies benefiting from the services and applications of companies operating in the space sector are located in the UAE, with the communications sector being the largest beneficiary, followed by defence, education, tourism and entertainment sectors. , in addition to an 83.6% increase in the number of scientific publications.

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The promising results of the 2021 Space Economy Survey highlight the vast opportunities for growth of the sector and its role in the long-term development of innovation, science, advanced technologies and the knowledge economy.

On July 17, the UAE announced the establishment of a special strategic fund to support the space sector, which works in line with the country’s tendency to find alternative and innovative solutions to provide financial resources and manage their management, finance projects and develop the sector. .

The fund, valued at 3 billion dirhams, contributes to the development of investments by interested entrepreneurs and private companies, and helps finance and develop future space activities and projects. It engages the private sector, particularly in the field of remote sensing and communications, while the UAE Space Agency plays a role in supporting the sector by enhancing its readiness and developing capabilities by creating investment opportunities.

As part of its programs and projects, the fund seeks to establish an academy to improve the skills of engineers in the field of satellite development, a space data collection and a commercial archive to support small companies with expertise and contracts to ensure their work. In projects developed by the Fund.

On September 22, United Arab Emirates-based satellite communications solutions provider Al Yah Satellite Communications Company (Yahsat) announced that its government arm YGS has received an AED 18.7 billion contract from the country’s government to provide telecommunications services via satellite. Satellites, under which Al Yah will provide space capability in satellites and managed services for a period of 17 years.

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The mandate covers services related to the operation, maintenance and technical management of terrestrial satellite systems and substations, which the company currently provides under a separate contract to the government. The “Order” replaces two agreements between the UAE. The government and Yahsat, namely the Satellite Capability Services Agreement (CSA) and Managed Services Mandate (MSM), both of which expire in November and December 2026, respectively.

The UAE’s space economy consists of ten sectors that provide the country’s largest investment potential, including space mining, space stations, space companies, sustainability and recycling in space, settlements, space tourism, space manufacturing and academia.

Last year, the UAE launched the country’s first Economic Space Zone in Masdar to establish an integrated business system that supports startups and small and medium enterprises, and contributes to building national capabilities in space and economic development. Fifty years.

In the coming period, the UAE will see quality projects in the space sector. After the success of astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi’s longest space flight in Arab history, the country has been working on launching several space missions to achieve the country’s aspirations. For participation in scientific research and manned research projects.

The UAE continues its diligence in designing, manufacturing and operating advanced satellites designated for Earth observation purposes, including the “Mohammed Bin Zayed Saad” satellite to be launched next year, and work on the “Rashid Explorer 2” mission. The UAE’s next mission is to design and build “Explorer Rasheed”, one of the most advanced spacecraft of its size, to become the first Emirati and Arab explorer to reach lunar orbit and reach the moon. Before attempting to land on the “Hakuto-R” lander.

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The UAE continues to work on the Emirati spacecraft that will travel 3.6 billion kilometers, during which it will reach the planet Venus and seven asteroids in the solar system, before making a historic landing on the last asteroid. In its five-year journey.

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The president-elect of COP28 must accelerate ambitious climate action and emissions reductions



The president-elect of COP28 must accelerate ambitious climate action and emissions reductions

In his opening speech at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC 2023), Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and President-designate of the Conference of the Parties (COP28), Dr. Confirmed by Sultan Bin Ahmed Al Jaber. In line with the vision of the leadership in the United Arab Emirates, (COP28 Presidency) faces challenges head-on and mentally positively, collaborates with partners who follow the same visions, ideas and trends, ensures the participation and inclusion of all, and achieves economic growth that supports climate action in order to build a sustainable future for current and future generations.

In his speech, Al-Jaber called on the oil and gas industry to coordinate efforts to reduce emissions and take ambitious climate action within the framework of a Fair, Orderly, Responsible and Action Plan (COP28 Presidency). A logical shift in the energy sector, and to protect the possibility of avoiding a rise in temperature, is the Earth’s 1.5°C.

Al-Jaber renewed his call for ambitious measures to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, eliminate methane emissions, and end gas flaring activities by the end of the current decade. He appreciated the response of more than 20 oil and gas companies. Accept this call, whether international or national, and take practical steps to reduce emissions resulting from energy production processes.

He said: “It has taken time, effort and months of negotiations, hard work and collaboration, but we look forward to more companies joining us and starting to take the necessary steps to accelerate and expand our commitment to reducing emissions. I invite everyone to join us in this commitment during the COP28 conference, And I call on everyone to raise the bar of ambition and take the necessary practical steps to achieve effective and tangible results.

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Al Jaber stressed that “the oil and gas industry must lead the process of finding the necessary solutions”, calling on the companies involved to demonstrate to the world that they are an essential part of the solution. Those who doubt the sector’s ability to contribute to solutions mean providing more capital and technical solutions to achieve the desired results.

Al-Jaber reiterated the need for the world to cut emissions by 43% over the next seven years to maintain a chance of avoiding global warming above 1.5°C. and can be simultaneously achieved by meeting the energy needs of the planet’s growing population while ensuring the well-being and prosperity of humanity.

He identified three priorities for needed action: reducing emissions resulting from energy production, increasing the productivity of renewable energy sources and reducing emissions from sectors that are difficult to mitigate emissions such as steel, cement, aluminum, heavy transport. , and others.

He expressed his confidence in the ability of the oil and gas industry to increase the production capacity of renewable energy sources, which represents an opportunity to diversify its business models and ensure it remains on pace for the future.

He explained that the “intermittent” nature of renewable energy supplies meant that emissions-intensive industries were unable to offset the primary load of electricity. is difficult to mitigate.

In his speech, Al Jaber emphasized the need to tackle pressing issues including expediting licenses for clean energy projects, overcoming barriers to the commercial use of hydrogen and expanding the scope for the use of carbon capture technologies.

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“Reya” provides 11,681 healthcare services to senior citizens and mentally challenged people in Dubai.



“Reya” provides 11,681 healthcare services to senior citizens and mentally challenged people in Dubai.

Launched by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Dubai and Chairman of the Supreme Council for Development and Citizen Affairs, the “Care” initiative awarded 11,681. Last May, senior citizens and able-bodied people in Dubai will have integrated healthcare services in their homes within four months.

The “Care” initiative translates the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to provide better integrated healthcare services to senior citizens and vulnerable populations. In His Highness’ interest to consolidate the best international practices, the standard of living in the Emirate.

During the period from May 3 to August 31, 10,665 services have been provided to senior citizens from services included in the effort to provide quality medical services through a network of hospitals and home clinic services to follow up on the condition of senior citizens. and committed and concerned with the latest international standards used in treatment.

The initiative provided 1,016 services to committed people in accordance with the best international standards, achieving reassurance and social stability, guaranteeing them a better quality of life and enabling them to access medical care in a family setting.

The initiative, which comes under the mandate of the Supreme Council for Development and Citizen Affairs, aims to create an integrated healthcare system that improves the quality of life of senior citizens and vulnerable populations. It ensures that they get comprehensive and advanced medical services tailored to their health needs and meet their various needs with ease and convenience.

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Dr. Amar Sharif, Executive Director of Dubai Academic Health Foundation said: The CARE Initiative works to provide an integrated healthcare system that provides quality services through a network of diverse healthcare facilities to serve senior citizens and vulnerable populations. And in a way that contributes to cementing Dubai’s position as a role model in providing the best care.” and treatment.”

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