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تاريخ لوحة الموناليزا مع التخريب.. من السرقة إلى التشويه

Mona Lisa’s history with sabotage .. from theft to distortion

International artist Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa in the Louvre still catches everyone’s attention. And shouted at people in the museum, and videos posted on social media show a young man in a wheelchair wearing a wig and lipstick.

Theft of the Mona Lisa in 1911

Damage, distortion or theft of paintings is not the first such incident to occur. Level, Italian Vincenzo Amplifier “October 8 1881 – October 8, 1925”, used his work at the Louvre Museum to steal the famous Mona Lisa, who restored the frames in the museum’s paintings. One day, he planned to capture the sketch, of course he took it from some thought, because it was not an easy thing, he decided, he wore a coat so he could cover the sketch when he took it. .

On August 22, 1911, he left his home to go to work, and just before the staff was scheduled to leave after official working hours, he stood in a corner and looked at passersby to see if anyone was there. , After confirming that the museum was empty and that no one was there, he stole it and put it under his coat and walked through the exit gates.

Of course, no one doubted Vincenzo Perugi because he was one of the people who worked in the museum, based on which he went in front of the gates without any hindrance, and on the way to his house, he dreamed of how rich he was. He earned money by selling the Mona Lisa, he entered his house and was contemplating the painting, but he imagined it had become a large mansion in which he had deposited money in his own account in the bank, and he was in it. State for two years.

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In fact, Alfredo Kerry gave Brogue protection until he firmly believed that the painting was original and not fake, in fact, after the Italian artist took it from him in 1913 and confirmed that it was the original painting, he told Italian authorities. Who arrested this pyrogi, and the Italian authorities placed the painting in the Bouvier Museum gallery, which delighted the Italians, but when France learned of it, and because of diplomatic negotiations between it and Italy and the theft of the Mona Lisa painting, France would not have insisted that the painting be returned to Italy. Had Italy handed over the painting to France and not imposed a one-year prison sentence, it would have severed diplomatic ties between the two countries until the thief is investigated by France. Prison Borogi.

Damaged in the fifties

It was damaged in an acid attack by a vandal in the 1950s and has since been placed behind bulletproof glass.

Attempt to damage by a Russian woman

In 2009, a Russian woman, angered by her inability to obtain French citizenship, threw a ceramic cup and broke the cup, but no glass or plate was damaged.