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It is 80 million years old … Remains of marine reptiles have been found in western Saudi Arabia


The bones were discovered during an initial excavation on Tuesday after the Red Sea Development Agency announced in a joint venture with the Saudi Geological Survey that it would include the project, which is considered one of the Kingdom’s largest explorations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. During the first 10 days of work of a large sea lizard 80 million years ago

John Pacano, CEO of the Red Sea Development Company, said the sense of adventure has always been associated with the essence of innovation.

Life millions of years ago

He added that Saudi Arabia’s first underwater archeological site was already located, and that the geological evidence and fossils found on the ground were under water millions of years ago, a clear indication that life existed. In this area millions of years ago, he said.

Pagano added that the partnership was an extension of the firm commitment of the company, a real estate development company, to the responsibility of identifying, preserving and presenting existing natural treasures to the world in the most appropriate way.

Significance of “mythology”

He noted the interest in the “archeology” of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and hopes that these new works will be an additional reason to encourage the work of discovering the ancient heritage buried along the coast.

It is noteworthy that the Red Sea Development Agency continues to work with authority to identify areas of unique geographical significance that include tourism experiences that provide a sustainable Red Sea destination in discovering the rich natural history of the Arabian Peninsula.

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