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Mona Saki’s divorce tops Google search for controversial movie


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Despite the fact that the news is not true, the word “divorce Mona Saki” is at the top of the search terms for artist Mona Jackie on Google.

Also, the audience discussed “Mona Jackie’s divorce” following her participation in the movie “Dear Friends” and her appearance in the scene where she took off her underwear which caused a lot of annoyance to her fans. In art.

Audiences have also been searching for “The Complete Movie,” Mona Zaki “and” Mona Zaki’s New Movie on Netflix “to watch the controversial movie over the past few hours.

Actress Mona Saki was criticized and attacked by social media pioneers just hours after her film “Friends and Dears” was released on an electronic site for promoting homosexuality and appearing with extraordinary courage.

The hashtag “Owners and Dearest” has topped the search engines on social networking sites in the last few hours, becoming one of the most popular lists in the Arab world.

Activists on social media have expressed outrage at what actress Mona Saki did in the film, uttering words describing the audience as “pornographic”, especially since the audience knew about her and wanted to stay away from bold roles that did not suit her. Customs and traditions prevailing in Eastern society.

In addition, Representative Mustafa Bakri submitted an urgent report to the House of Representatives against the film “Friends and Knight Dear”, saying that the film “Friends or Beloved” was against values ​​and morals. Egyptian. “

The movie “Friends and Night Dear” is based on the Italian movie “Perfect Stranger” and revolves around 7 friends who meet and play at dinner, where everyone puts their mobile phones on the dinner table. Or the calls will be in full view of everyone, and soon the game, which was initially fun and enjoyable, will turn into a barrage of scandals and secrets unknown to anyone, including best friends.

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