April 2, 2023

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Moon Night appears among Baronic monuments and does not distinguish his dreams and reality in the first ad | News

Marvel Studios has released the first trailer of the Moon Night series directed by Mohamed Diab.

In this series, the hero of the work, Oscar Isaac, appears in the series with statues of Phoenix, and explains his inability to distinguish between reality and dreams, and hears voices from which he has no evidence.

It is scheduled to premiere on the Disney + electronic platform in 2022 as a series starring Oscar Isaac, who first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1975 and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

“Moon Night” or “Night Night” is a superhero and his character in the ordinary world is called Mark Spector, an American Jew who served in the US Navy, and worked for the CIA, and after he left both organizations and worked as a mercenary, he was betrayed by his boss. After being given up, he leaves to fight to the death in the desert, where he is a mercenary in Egypt, and worships the Egyptian moon Koncho who saved him and saved him. Powers.

The powers given to him were to increase the strength, speed and endurance of the moon to grow and contract based on its rotation.

He then decided to return to the United States with a new life under several names, such as the millionaire “Stephen Grant” who left his previous life or the taxi driver “Jack Lockley” who allowed him. Must be in touch with the underworld.

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