August 8, 2022

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More than 169,000 pilgrims were interviewed

More than 169,000 pilgrims were interviewed

The Saudi Ministry of Health in Jeddah said the total number of pilgrims interviewed by health control centers at King Abdulaziz International Airport since the start of the Hajj season yesterday was about 169,000.

The interviewed pilgrims were given the necessary vaccinations including polio and meningitis vaccines and immunizations, and measured the pilgrims’ temperature and with medical teams using thermal cameras, indicating the treatment aspect. At the airport’s health control centers, the number of visitors (2,900) more than the number of pilgrims and seasonal staff, only one case was referred to the King Abdullah Medical Complex.


The Jeddah Health Department had from an early age made all the products and equipment to receive and serve the pilgrims at the Health Control Centers at King Abdulaziz International Airport for the Hajj season of 1443 this year. Jeddah Health provides all the health services required for the success of its program for pilgrims.

As the number of pilgrims assigned to the Hajj season this year has reached almost (400) health practitioners at 5 health centers in Pilgrim Hall, 1st Hall, North and South, it has completed the task of preparing its human staff. The halls, as well as the deportation hall, support the centers with all the advanced equipment as well as the state-of-the-art ambulances and high-equipped cardiopulmonary resuscitation rooms, isolated rooms, medical clinics and patient hypnosis with many fully equipped facilities. Rooms were provided at five airport centers.

Preventive measurements

Preventive measurements

Health in Jeddah pointed out that it prepares several teams for prompt intervention in case of suspicious cases among travelers and that everyone can work in health centers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by shift. Travelers face all the possibilities of raising the readiness of the treatment and prevention groups by establishing multiple hypotheses.

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