March 27, 2023

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More than 80 people are missing after a landslide at a jade mine in northern Myanmar .. Video

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More than 80 people were missing in Wednesday’s landslide at a jade mine in Myanmar’s Kutch province, a local village administration official told Xinhua.

Village administration official Yu Qawmin said, “According to witnesses at the scene, more than 80 people are missing in the landslide and rescue work is underway.

The landslide struck at around 4am local time and nearly 100 people were buried, including manual collectors of jade scraps and jade sellers, a Hpakant city police official said.

The police official added, “There is no data on the exact number of jade collectors who went missing by hand from the rest.”

Authorities and local rescue agencies are currently engaged in a search and rescue operation in the affected area.

It should be noted that frequent landslides occur in the state of Kutch, especially in the Hpakant mining district.

Many locals live in jade collections in the area, and most landslides are caused by partial collapse of tails and dams.

A major catastrophic landslide at a jade mining site in Hpakant in July last year killed 174 people and injured 54 others.


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